I love trying out new skin care products.  I am a creature of habit, if I find something I like, I am unlikely to change brands.  Unless, it is given to me.  Then I embrace change like a giddy kid on Christmas morning.

My current skin care routine consists of my homemade wash, and drug store brand lotions.  I am cheap, and wish I could splurge, but haven’t seen enough of a difference to justify spending money on pricey brands.

Until now.

I was asked to try out Radical Skincare Exfoliating Pads and Radical skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask.


I started using the exfoliating pads every other day, and I LOVE them.  They instantly make my face brighter.  I use them at night and in the morning, my skin is still soft.  I was a bit nervous about the anti-aging being harsh on my sensitive skin, but I have had no problems.

The instant revitalizing mask is a product I used at night, about twice a week.  This also worked well on my sensitive skin, but unlike the exfoliating pads, I don’t know if this is worth the price tag.  I didn’t notice a huge difference adding this into my routine, and for the price, I might stick with something a little more budget friendly.

What products do you let yourself splurge on?  What products am I better sticking to drug store brands?

*Congrats to Sabrina, winner of the sexy little giveaway.  I will be contacting you via email.


Being over 30, I have started to really work on using products that will help me stay wrinkle-free.  Also, how is it possible to have wrinkles and acne at the same time?  Can’t we get a break from one or the other?  Damn being 30.  Or 32, whatever.

When Freya asked me to help review an item from their skincare, I jumped at the chance.  The product I received was the Freya Artic Cleansing Water.  I was pretty excited.  It is an expensive face wash, something I would never splurge on myself.  I figured I would look 18 and have blemish free skin in no time.

However, the truth is, the product was sort of lack luster.  I didn’t notice any changes.  The company’s page made me think I would see some sort of results, but I didn’t.

I think this product will make it into my travel bag, as it is convenient.  At home, I will stick to my homemade face wash.  I still haven’t found anything that makes my face feel more smooth, and it is extremely inexpensive.