HJ’s name is Harrison James.  I love it.  It fits him perfect.  It is after my grandpa “Harry” and my dad “James”.  The fact that it is family names makes it so meaningful.  So no, I wasn’t a huge Indiana Jones fan, and it isn’t after Harrison Ford.

Although, that may just be a Halloween costume!

That’s not to say a lot of boy names didn’t go through my head…this one just happened to be at the top.

The first time the name crossed my radar was about a month before I knew I was pregnant.  Which means, I was pregnant at the time.  I had the TV on, and the credits from some kid movie were on.  I saw the name Harrison flash across the screen, and thought it was cute.  I told myself it would be a great way to honor my grandparents and made a mental note to remember it.

Then, I learned I was pregnant.

Originally, I liked Logan or Harrison.  However, that week I looked at the “new additions” section of the paper and there were 3 Logan’s born that week alone.  I knew I wanted a name that was a little unique, yet everyone could pronounce or spell it.

Then I threw out a lot of names…Greyson, Jameson, Drew, Brayden…

The girl names had left me unsure.  I liked Harper, Piper, Chloe, Emersyn and Madilyn, but nothing clicked like Harrison did.

The final list was Bennett, Nolan or Harrison.  Bennett almost won due to its meaning (little blessed one).  But with the family meaning thrown in, Harrison always led the pack.

Until a week before my delivery date.  “I think I decided on Mason”.

It was cute.  Boy-like.  I didn’t know any Masons.  But I also had no idea why I suddenly changed my mind.  It just seemed overwhelming to be in charge of naming a baby.  For its WHOLE LIFE.  That’s some scary stuff.

But he was still my little Harrison James.  Always.

My own name was picked by my parents who heard the name being called out on a ski-slope in Colorado.  I have a feeling they were drinking at the time, so thank God it was a normal name they overheard.  Rumor has it I was born 9 months later.

How did you pick your child’s name?  Does it mean something special?  Does it hold family meaning?  Is it cute?  Fun? Sophisticated?


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Have you guys ever checked out Elizabeth Street?  It is a fabulous site that I look at regularly.  It gives advice on fashion and style, and even talks about places to try while travelling.  They have a feature called Street Style, they  interview moms across the country about their fashion choices.  It is a feature I regularly look at with envy, because the moms always seem so put together.  So you can imagine my surprise when they asked to feature me as a Street Style Mom.  Awesome, huh?  Check out my feature here:

Elizabeth Street: Street Style Moms

I would love to hear what you think 🙂

I hope you are all enjoying a great Memorial Day!

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I can see HJ trying to peer beyond my shoulder as I tuck him in to bed.  I have purposely placed myself so he couldn’t see the fish bowl.  “MOM!” he says in an urgent tone, “What’s wrong with Binky?”

Earlier in the night, I went into HJ’s room to feed the fish.  That’s when I discovered that Binky the Shark had passed away.  We were in a hurry to get out the door, so I didn’t “take care of it”.  The fish was laying on the rocks on the bottom of the bowl.  And HJ has not paid much attention to Binky for the past few months.  So, I figured I would leave it as is, and take care of it once HJ was asleep.  Maybe that way I could get out of telling him about death.

But now, HJ was urgently asking what happened.  I told him, “Oh, Binky must be sleeping.  Just like you should be.”

“On the rocks?  He sleeps on the rocks?”

Dang smart kid.

“Now go to bed honey bear, see you in the morning.”

The next morning, I woke up a few minutes early and ran to grab the fish bowl.  I had just finished cleaning the bowl and setting it on the counter when HJ came stomping into the kitchen.  He looked at the bowl and his eyes started searching the kitchen.

“Where’s Binky?”

Alright, time to come clean.

“Well, Binky passed away.  He is no longer with us.”  I said.

HJ pondered this for a second.  Then asked, “Where did he go?”

BAM!  I know this one!  “Heaven!”

Then came a question I was unprepared for.  “Who took him there?”

Having to quickly think on my feet, I responded with “the fishy angels.”

Apparently HJ knows a little more about death then I gave him credit for.  His face turned into a frown and he looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes.  “I miss Binky!”

“I know hun, but it will be okay.  Binky is in heaven now.”

Not much else was said about it.  He has brought it up to people, but luckily they have responded with the same answers I did.  He has asked for a new one, but I am leaning towards “ew, I absolutely hate cleaning out fish bowls.”

I am lucky this is his first experience with something he loves dying, it seemed like an easy way to introduce the concept.


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Happy Monday my loves!  I spent the weekend out of town, and will have to tell you about it.  In the mean time, I need to announce the giveaway winner from A Few of My favorite Things, TAKE 1.  The prize is a Childrens Custom Name Hook from Blue Yodey You can also see more items on the Blue Yodey facebook page.  The “random number generator” says the winner is:

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Now onto the regular post…

I love reading.  I remember getting in trouble when I was younger for reading too much (I would try to sneak in extra chapters under my covers).  I actually don’t let myself go to the library too often, because when I start a book, I procrastinate in other areas of my life to read.  And then I finish books in a matter of days.

But due to the weather, HJ and I have been going to the library to play (since it is too cold to be outside), and I check out some books.  I figured I can give you reviews of the books I read this year, and it will help me monitor by book-usage :).

Before I left on vacation, I checked out 2 books on Saturday morning.  By Sunday afternoon, I was done with Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner.  I have read a number of her books, so I knew it would be a quick and easy read.  Overall, I thought it was good!  The book is about 2 girls who grew up as neighbors, but after an incident in high school, stopped being BFF’s.  Until, duh duh duh, one girl gets into a little trouble and asks the other one to help.  While I might not recommend this for a super fun book club discussion, it was a decent book!

My next book of the year was Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me.  I absolutely have loved Chelsea’s books in the past.  Are you There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea had me cracking up.  So I was expecting the same silly writing.  The only thing is, Chelsea didn’t write this one.  People she lied to did.  The people she lied to are not nearly as hilarious as she is.  This book actually took me a week to get through.  That is because I forced myself to skim the chapters before going to bed.  Does “skimming” mean I actually didn’t read it?  While I will completely read other books Chelsea writes, I do not think I will read a book just because her name is on it.

My 3rd and final book for the month of January was Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess.  And this one made me laugh.  There was one point where I was laughing so hard, I woke up HJ.  However, if you don’t like crude behavior, antics and/or jokes, you will probably dislike this book.

While at the library, HJ decided he wanted a book on Turkey Hunting.  After randomly opening to one page and discovering the book did indeed talk about how to kill and get the turkey ready for eating, I declined checking that book out and opted for a cute one on tug boats.

Any good book recommendations for me to add to my must read list for 2013?

Can you guess what song is in my head today??

Before I get into stenciling madness, I want to announce the KROME PHOTO BOOK WINNER!

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Now to the stenciling…

The front entry way of my house has a very small wall that needed a little something.  Coat hooks mainly, but I wanted it to be “pretty”.  So I picked out this stencil on etsy.  I also picked up some paint in the same color as my living room wall, but instead of getting it in flat, I had it made in high-gloss.  For the coat hooks, I was inspired by pinterest:


Luckily, I watched the “how-to” video that Cutting Edge Stencil recommended, it was a bit harder than I thought.  Tedious is the best word to describe it.  When it was complete, a few people recommended doing a larger wall with the pattern and I instantly said “Oh hell no”.  Even thought it wasn’t exactly a party to do, I love the results:
 I like that the difference in paint is subtle (almost shadow like, like I said it is the same color as the wall paint, just in high-gloss instead of flat).  Like I said, the stenciling was not difficult, just time-consuming. 
Little did I know, the difficult part would be the frames.  I figured all I would do was take off the back, the glass would fall out, and viola!  But no, the glass was glued to the flippin’ frame.  I attempted to scrape the glue away, and then decided on the “quick” method.  I put the frame in a bag and hammered the heck out of the glass, shattering it away.  Then, I realized there was not a good way to hang the frames on the wall.  I ended up drilling holes through the frames and then painting the screws to match.
Then, I centered the hooks in the frames
 I figured this project would consume one of HJ’s nap times, but it took up about 3 (dang).  But I still love it and would definitely recommend stenciling a wall to “pretty” it up a bit.
Oh, and I also jazzed it up a bit for Christmas…
Has anyone else tackled a stenciling project?  Did you sing “Everyday I’m Stenciling” while doing it (highly recommended) or is that just me?
Side note: Elf on the Shelf has taken over our house.  Or, as he has been named, Mr. Bo-Jingle-Jangles.  Anyone else doing that this Christmas?
Side note part 2: When I hit spell check, I found out stenciling is not a word, my apologies.  It is used around 10 times in this post and I can not think of the proper verb form of present tense stencil, so I am sticking with stenciling.