It was bound to happen soon.  The public temper tantrum.  I can hardly blame the kid for a few reasons….we are in the process of moving so both of our lives are a bit hectic…and the store was taunting my child.

I know, I know what you’re thinking, “the store was taunting him, really?”.  But I should tell you, my son is obsessed with cars and trucks.  OBSESSED.  I mean, he brought his own toy truck into Target that day and showed it to everyone while saying “TUC!” (that is how he says truck).

I went to the back of the store to grab diapers.  HJ got very excited pointing to a sippy cup and shouting “CAR!!” (from the Pixar movie)

I told him, yes, good job, that is a car.  But then the next aisle had lots of cars (I am blaming Pixar for this).  HJ was getting restless and excited.  Then I go the bath aisle.  And did you know the Cars movie is selling EVERY TYPE OF PRODUCT IMAGINABLE?!?!   This is where chaos ensued.  HJ Threw himself out of the cart and started running around screaming CAR CAR CAR!!!  The next aisle had CAR pillows that he threw onto the floor while shouting at me.  While I picked those up and said something along the lines of  “No no my precious child”, I looked over just in time to see him pick up a CAR piggy bank and get ready to slam it down onto the ground.  By this time, he is screaming and I am frazzled.  I tell him we are leaving and begin to walk away.  I make it part way down the aisle when HJ yells, “NO!” and then grabs a hold of my knit skirt and runs away.  Pulling my skirt down.  At Target.  On a busy Sunday.  Exposing my underwear covered booty to the store.  A family walked by me looking horrifed…I am hoping it was because of my screaming child and not because I was standing there in my underwear…but I think it was the underwear.

Anyone else have embarrassing tantrum stories?  Please. please tell me I am not alone.