Ever since HJ turned 3, I have interviewed him with the same questions and put it in his 21 Questions Birthday Book.  Here is his interview from last year.  This year, it was SO hard to give just one answer per question.

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite toy? Drone airplane (it was an airhogs plane that broke within 48 hours of his bday)

What is your favorite book? Minecraft books

What is your favorite fruit?  Watermelon and Blueberries

What is your favorite TV show or movie? Spy Kids and Spy Fox

What is your favorite game? Minecraft and Super Mario Bros.

What is your favorite outfit?  Minecraft shirt

What is your favorite snack? Extra Cheddar Goldfish.  And Bacon. And Little Bites.

What is your favorite animal? Dog, Cheetah, Jaguar and Cats

What is your favorite song? Welcome to my House

Who is your best friend? Carsten and EvanTube

What are you scared of? The creepy dude in Caleb’s garage (It was from a haunted house)

What do you love about yourself? Ninja Warrior and I can jump high

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Chase and pikachu

What is your favorite holiday? My birthday, Christmas, Halloween and NYE

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Football, drones, cars, basketball and soccer

What is your favorite drink? Sunkist

Where is your favorite place to go? Disney World

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Disney World

What do you want for your birthday? Remote control stuff, legos and pikachu

What do you want to be when you grow up? Vet

Do any of you have birthday interviews?  I love this fun tradition!

Friday was HJ’s birthday.  One he has been counting down for months.  So, we had to make sure he had the best day ever.


He woke up to a room full of balloons, and got ready for school.  We swung by dunkin donuts for a chocolate sprinkle donut..best breakfast for birthday kids :).  He walked to school with a container of cupcakes to share with his class, and it was only a half day of school.  At noon, I picked up HJ and his friend.  We went for Happy Meals, and played outside in the perfect weather.  Then, we had to pick up the cake for HJ’s party.  The bakery is ran out of a home, which is on a farm.  The farm has lot, and lots of cats.  So we stayed to play a while.  img_6956

Then, it was time to head off on our next adventure…Chuck E. Cheese.  The boys burned through their tokens in less than 30 minutes.  HJ opted to save his tickets, and did not take home a prize.

img_6963After that, we went to a park to burn off any energy that was left.


We came home to get ready for HJ’s family party.  His nana, papa and great grandma were coming over for dinner and cake.  He picked out dinner, edamame and taco pizza.  Then, opened up his presents.  After presents, came cake.



Safe to say, he was ready for bed shortly after.  We had a great day celebrating my favorite boy in the world!  Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

It’s hard to believe my baby boy is 6 and a half.  He says things now like “dude” and “sup”.  He no longer wants to be called handsome or cute, but you can tell him he looks cool.

FullSizeRender (22)

We started his half birthday celebration with a Mother’s Day brunch.  Then, the rest of the day was all his.

We started by going to the humane society so HJ could read a story to a dog.  The sweet little pup he read to just wanted to play, but HJ did a good job of reading her a story.

IMG_5876 (1)

That night, we had family over for pizza (HJ’s choice).  And of course had half a cake with 6 and a half candles.



bdayashSomehow, my sweet baby turned into a handsome young man.  On November 4th, Harrison James turned 6.

His doorway was filled with streamers and balloons, and we took his annual “going to bed a __ year old and waking up a ___ year old”. (and somehow I deleted them from my phone…and cried)

We left the house extra early in the morning to stop by Dunkin Donuts for a chocolate sprinkled donut (and a coffee).

IMG_0030 I met him for lunch with a chicken mcnugget happy meal, and even got to play at recess (girls chased him the whole time).  After school, his nana took him to a park until I got home from work.


Then we went to his favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings.  He even picked it over Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Then it was time to go home for cake and presents.

IMG_0013 IMG_0020 IMG_0023He enjoyed getting gifts from his nana and papa, great-grandma and me.  After all the gifts were open, and the cake was eaten, we played until bed time.  He proclaimed it the best birthday ever!

First, a recap of September’s goal.  The goal doesn’t technically end until this month, but consider this a recap.  As of today, I still have 53 of the 100 miles to complete.  And we are 3/4 through our time line…so, there’s that.  I am still determined to finish the 100 miles, it just might take me an extra week or 2.  I had been doing pretty well until the last two weeks.  Once fall set in, it was hard to run outside and the gym has very limited child care hours.  I will figure it out, just need to set a schedule more!


September: 100 Miles

August: Back on Track

July: Get a Budget

June: Stay Unplugged

May: Run a 5K

April: Beautiful Nails

March: Get Organized

February: Picture Projects

January: Get Healthy


October: Plan a Girl’s Weekend

I get it, it sounds fun.  But who said goals can’t be fun?  Plus, I am still trying to knock out this 100 miles thing, so give me a break :).

I have scheduled to have some friends come to town for a weekend in October.  I am planning an itinerary full of fun, that includes vodka gummy bears.  October is my birthday month, so it is only fitting I make a party be the goal.

I don’t think I need to much luck with this one, but I could still use some cheers for the 100 miles.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.


I hope you all had a fabulous Easter.  HJ and I had a lot of fun with family and friends and got to enjoy some amazing weather.

We started our weekend with a birthday party for a friend of HJ, where I was able to see some old co-workers I haven’t seen in a long time.  After, we went to my parents to color eggs with the cousins and have some fun outside.

We also had a birthday party for my dad, where we celebrated with some family friends and a few wild rounds of duck, duck, goose.  I also learned that doing cartwheels isn’t as easy as it use to be, but at least I can still do it.

PicMonkey Collage

On Easter, HJ woke up to a surprise from the Easter Bunny.  Which is surprising, because Saturday at the grocery store, the bunny approached HJ and HJ quickly declared, “YOU ARE A MAN.  I CAN SEE YOUR FACE.”.

We headed back to my parent’s house for an Easter Egg hunt, where my sweet little boy shared his peanut butter cups.  This was followed with a family trip to church, where HJ asked me things like, “Where is God?”

“How is he in my heart?”

“Why is Jesus hanging there?”

While looking at the stations of the cross, he pointed and said, “that is a bad man!”.

Somehow, he got it in his head that everyone going up for communion was getting skittles, and he about rushed the alter.

Clearly, we should spend a bit more time at church to help with all these confusions.

After church, we had a BIG Easter dinner and spent the rest of the afternoon outside.  It was the perfect temp for running and laughing.  And hula hooping.

PicMonkey Collage2

Easter is one of those holidays I just love.  It isn’t all about gifts and spending money, it’s about spending time with loved ones.