I can hear lil Hj rustling around in his crib from my room.  This is our typical 6am wake up call.  I try laying super still, thinking maybe just this once we can sleep in a bit longer.  But no, Hj s ready to start his day!  I go to his room and turn on the light, his eyes open wide and he starts running around his crib in panic mode.  He HAS to collect every binky he can before I reach him.  I pull my sleepy baby out of his crib, while he grips 4 binkies with the jaws of life.

“Alright Honey Bear, time to say bye-bye binky”

Hj shakes his head no.

“Bedtime binkies!  Say bye.”

One by one, each binky is reluctantly thrown with as much power as a 14 month old can muster.  The last one stays in his mouth.  I get a glare that says “nope, not getting rid of it”.

“Bye-bye!  Ty is waiting for us.”

At the mention of the dogs name, the binky gets the hardest throw yet.  Then Hj starts barking and waving hello as quickly as he can.  Ty comes barreling in the room and Hj squeals with delight.  The first smile of the day spreads across his face.  I set Hj down so he can run over and give the 90 pound dog a bear hug (whether the dog wants one or not).

I FINALLY get a smile and a hug when Hj sees me holding a bottle.  He settles into my lab for a morning snuggle that last a whopping 3 minutes before he is racing off to find his cars.

I  better get some coffee made ASAP.