I have lived in Cedar Falls for a while now, and realize I pay a ridiculous amount for rent.  I pay more in rent then I could be spending on a mortgage.  Therefore, I am officially house hunting.

The first thing I noticed is I have expensive taste.  Champagne taste on a beer budget, ugh.  The other thing is, the housing market in CF is one of the few places in the county where it has not been affected by the recession…meaning there aren’t great deals.

My realtor/2nd cousin took me out the other weekend.  We went to places like http://www.wcfbor.com/listing/169724-1813-belle-avenue-cedar-falls-ia-50613/ and http://www.wcfbor.com/listing/169419-2623-orchard-dr-cedar-falls-ia-50613/ and http://www.wcfbor.com/listing/170455-512-w-5th-street-cedar-falls-ia-50613/ and a few others.  The first one was really cute and old.  And too expensive…and it is now sold.  The second one was a nice new condo, but had no storage and I would have to go outside the building to let the dog out (not convenient).  The third one was redone really nice, but had no yard or garage.

Three strikes.

My lease is up at the end of June, and I know I could extend it, but I would love to find a cute little place in a nice neighborhood.  In my price range.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?

About a month before HJ’s first birthday, I decided I really wanted him to learn to point to his nose.  He had belly button down, and I thought it was time to move on.  For weeks I would point to my nose, his nose, the dog’s nose.  Every meal I would point over and over and say “nose, nose…”.  And he pretty much ignored me.  This went on for about a month.  Then one day my mom said she had been working on it with him, and he that when she said “point to your eyes” he pointed to his eyes so hard, that he poked himself in the eye!  This was news to me, I could only get HJ to point to his belly button!  I finally brought it up to his daycare, Miss K.  I explained to her how I had been working so hard, but little HJ just couldn’t get it.

Miss K gave me a strange look and started laughing.  She then proceeded to tell me that HJ eagerly participates in the entire Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song.  She started singing and HJ looked at me with a silly expression and started laughing.  Sure enough, not only could he point to his nose, but also his eyes, ears and mouth.  HJ was definitely tricking me at home.

It turns out HJ and I are still not back to normal.  I now have a cold, ugh.

And my poor baby boy has bronchitis :(.  The doctor prescribed a nebulizer.  Not fun.  Have you ever tried getting a wiggly little 15 month old to sit still for 10 minutes at a time for a medical treatment?  Not an easy task.  The nebulizer is a machine that you put the antibiotic in and then it is turned into vapor and blows into the face/mouth of the wiggly 15 month old.  So I have to hold him and the machine, while air puffs into his face.  Not only that, but the antibiotic causes a crazy level of hyperness.  HJ literally bounces after the treatment. 

Every 4 hours the treatment is needed.  Every 4 hours I have to pin my little baby into my lap and have air blown into his face for 10 minutes, while he wiggles, screams, kicks and throws punches.  For the next 10 days.

HJ and I have been very lucky so far.  Since he has been born, we have only had a few colds to struggle through.  Kids at daycare would be sick for days and I would think for sure we were next on the list, but HJ never feel victim.  I know breastfeeding helped with that, and I was worried when we stopped that he would get sick.

Then came Friday.  I woke up thinking something was not right.  Every muscle hurt, my throat was on fire, I could hardly get enough strength to get HJ out of his crib.  I struggled, but managed to get him to daycare and myself to work (yes, dumb, I know).  After a few hours I realized it was not getting better, just worse.  I went right to the doctor.  Strep Throat.  UGH.  They gave me the 2 for 1 special and I was able to get medicine for both HJ and myself.  I went home and passed out for a few hours.  When I got up, I did what every adult does.  I called my mom.  

Luckily, she came to the rescue and helped nurse us back to health.  HJ still has a fever, but is home with nana today, while I am feeling 85% better and not at home.

Hopefully we will both be back to our old selves in another day or two!

HJ and I were at Target, stocking up on all the essentials (ie, I was looking at clothing).  I had given HJ a snack trap full of puffs. 

I love snack traps, whoever invented them is a genius.  They are little containers with a lid that you can reach in and grab small snacks, but it won’t spill if someone throws or shakes them.

HJ gets excited just seeing the snack trap, because he knows it’s full of goodies!!

Anyway…at Target with the snack trap…

I notice it is running low on puffs, so I go to refill it.  That is when I notice something in the snack trap doesn’t look right.  It is not “puff” like at all.  I take off the lid and shriek (yes, out loud, at Target).  OMG.  HJ put dog food in his snack trap.  Eww.

HJ is thrilled with my reaction and starts cracking up, which makes me laugh.  So there we are, laughing in the middle of target, with a snack trap full of dog food…ok so it wasn’t full, there were only 3 pieces, but still.  I am not sure if any of the dog food was consumed or not, I keep telling myself it wasn’t.

After our Target run, we are at home.  HJ is holding a different snack trap and walks right over to the dog food bowl, where he proceeds to take the food out and put it in his snack trap yet again.  I think I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on him!

One of my dear friends is a first grade teacher.  She has mentioned that every fall before school starts, about 90-95% of the parents of her students reach out to her.  The reason?  To let her know that their child is extremely gifted.  That their child might need harder challenges than the rest of the classroom and that their little angel is going to basically blow her out of the water with their genius-ness.

I have vowed to never be one of those parents.  I don’t want to think my child is something he is not.  I want to encourage him to do his best in everything, but not push to hard.  He may not be the smartest kid in class or the best on the team, but I want him to try.

That’s why you should completely believe me when I say this…

My child is a GENIUS. 

Seriously.  He is amazing.  He constantly does things that I sit there smiling and thinking “how does he know how to do that?”.  Sure, he has his moments where he throws things in the toilet or tries eating dog food, but for the most part, pure intelligence.  I am floored numerous times a day with his skills.  When did he learn to moo?  Who taught him to stack legos?  How does he know how to play fetch with the dog?

Oh crap, I might be one of those parents.