HJ’s Kid Corner

HJ loves having fun and taking me on his wild adventures.  See what he’s been up to…

First Day of Preschool

Oh Crap.

Animal Cracker Valentines

Disney Side Celebration

Interview with a 4-Year-Old

Construction Party: Part Two

Construction Party: The Set-Up

Duct Tape Roads

Organizing a Kid’s Closet

Henry Doorly Zoo

Why Don’t I Have a Daddy?

Basketball Orange

Kids and Strip Clubs

HJ’s New Bed

A Half  B-day Party

Tastes Like What?

Playing with Snow

A Lesson on Death

Interview with a 3-Year Old

Preparing for Vacation

2012 in Pictures

The word Penis…

3 Year Photoshoot

Christmas Magic

A Christmas Tradition

Making Breakfast

Toddler Activity

Bathtub Painting

Monster Birthday Party

Frog Birthday Party

Bad Mom

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