Little one’s room was pretty easy to get together (no painting required).  It was already painted a tan color (like at our old house), and has pretty wood floors.


This is actually my favorite bedroom, and the one HJ was originally supposed to have.  The reason…it was so many windows!  I love how light and bright it is.  It has a really big closet, with tons of space.  The only changes I made were hanging up black out curtains (a must for little one), and a ceiling fan.

The dresser in this room is still one of my favorite DIY projects I have done.

IMG_0004 (1)

You may be wondering why there is a crib AND a toddler bed.  Little one really wanted to try a toddler bed, so I set it up the first night in the new house.  Needless to say, he got up to play NUMEROUS times during the night.  After one night of trying, we are all happier with little one back in the crib.  The toddler bed now serves as the perfect cuddling spot for reading bedtime stories.

IMG_0005 (1)


The Master Bedroom didn’t require much work on my end (yeah!).  It was painted a grey color, that I kept.  The major change in here is the carpet.  When we moved in, the carpet was a deep maroon color.  The carpet was in great shape, however, it showed everything.  I am talking every dust, speck of dirt, dog hair, kid messes, everything.  And, it was maroon.  So the carpet went bye-bye.


I hung up a new curtain rod (the previous owner took theirs), and arranged my own stuff.  I still need to remove a few things from the wall (like the tv mount), but otherwise, that is it.

The shelf I have hung up on the wall is something I found years ago in my parent’s basement.  It was one of my first projects at the old house!

The nightstands were a craigslist find that I redid.

It’s starting to feel like home!


Our new backyard is completely different from at our old house.  For one, we have TREES!  Huge trees, that lots of animals hide in and throw acorns on the patio.  We also have a fenced in back yard (that the pup loves).

The back door was painted a dark brown, and chipping quite a bit.  Which led me to 2 choices.  I could repaint it with the paint the previous owners left behind, or I could go a different direction.  I opted for going a different direction.  The backyard is a fun space, which called for a fun color.  I decided I wanted a shade close to a robin’s egg.  I ended up mixing my own shade using Glidden’s Bermuda Bay, and a Bright White, both an exterior paint.

I started by sanding the door down a bit, and then taped off the windows and door knobs/locks.  It took about 2 coats, but with the large window in the door this project took less than an hour to complete.  I love the new color, and I think it really adds a little something to the backyard.  Check out the before and after:

back door

We have been slowly and steadily getting our new home settled in.  And while I can’t say any room is completely done yet, I thought I would show you all the before pictures 🙂


These are the rooms that sold me.  I loved the living room with hard wood floors, lots of natural light, and the wood beamed ceiling.  My only changes for this room are light fixtures and paint color…and of course my own furniture (although I did ask to keep this stuff).  The kitchen is in the center of the house, which means it gets lots of traffic.  The counter-tops aren’t in the best shape, but I have no plans to change.  It did have wallpaper (you can’t tell in the picture), which was taken down.


The first picture is the Master bedroom.  The only dislike I had was the carpet.  It wasn’t in bad shape, the color just shows everything!  The room with the fireplace is the family room.  My goal is to make this cozy and comfy, because I am sure we will spend lots of time in here.  Now I just need to figure out the remote to the fireplace.  The next room is the sunroom/breezeway/3 season porch…I am not sure what to use it for yet.  So far we only have a spot to hang coats and put shoes.  Open to all ideas :).  The bedroom shown is currently little ones room, and has been updated to look more “kid friendly”.


The lovely purple room is HJ’s room.  He insisted the color be changed though :).  His pick in decor proves he is a big kid, and no longer my little boy.  Next, is the guest room.  My sister has already stayed over, and can’t wait for more visitors! And the lovely paneled walls are the basement!

As you can see, we have lots to do to make it our own, but overall we love it!

Alright, here is the second part of what has been keeping me so busy…

We bought a new house!  Well, technically we still have a week and I am terrified that somehow my beautiful new house will not be mine.  But for now, our current living situation involves lots of boxes, messes and children building forts out of boxes and messes.

My favorite part of a new house?  Decorating the new house!

Paint colors are mostly picked, carpet has been selected and a few decorating items have been picked out.   HJ has decided he no longer wants a light blue room.  He wants a red and black room.  He loves space, so we purchased a cool picture of the moon to hang.

I decided that I am an adult and no longer need my cheap bedspread, and was given this gorgeous duvet cover from Serena and Lily.

I have fallen in love with the softness of this cover, and can’t wait to pick up a few more of their amazing items.

I am so excited to share pictures with you all, especially some before and afters of the different rooms!


after side

My neighbor had a friend getting rid of a dresser, and I was lucky enough to snag it up.  Looking at it, it was just fine on its own. But I can’t but help re-do things.  Even perfectly “fine” things.

I started by staining the top a deep cherry, and painted the sides a plain white.  The drawers are where things got crazy.

I took all the drawers out, and removed the knobs.  I picked out “Divine Pond” during a target run for the darkest color.  The bottom drawer was painted.  When I was sure I liked the color, I added some white to lighten it up a bit.  Then I painted the next drawer.  I continued that process until the top drawer, making sure the color changed ever so slightly to give the ombre effect.  Once that was dry, I screwed the knobs back in.  I love how it turned out, especially considering it was free!  I had all the supplies except for the paint from target, so the project was completed for less than $10.

Here is a little side by side comparison:

PicMonkey Collage

What fun projects have you all been working on?


At Home Logo


With being a sorority advisor I still get to do some of the fun “back to campus” tasks.  In years past, I have had to purchase lots of items online.  There haven’t been too many places in town to shop for cute and affordable home items.  But this year, we had an At Home store open up.

They have amazing, affordable items for the home.  Perfect for the college home away from home!  The first area I decided to focus on was the outdoor patio and deck.  We needed new cushions, as ours have seen better days.  The At Home store carried the largest selection in town by far, and I was able to find trendy and inexpensive items.  Here is a little before and after of one area (amazing what a few cute cushions can do!):

PicMonkey Collage

The At Home store has their Back to Campus collections in store now, and they even have a checklist to help out the college bound people in your life.  My favorite new collection is the “Chic Free Spirit“, what’s yours?

*This post contains sponsored links, all thoughts and opinions are my own


A few months back, my grandma moved out of her house.  Her and my grandpa moved into the house in the 1950’s, so to say the house was full of fun little treasures is an understatement.  Can you imagine all the stuff that accumulates after living somewhere over 60 years?

In the downstairs laundry room, I uncovered a table that I some missed over my last 34 years.  The second I laid eyes on it I claimed it.  I assumed everyone would be jealous, but instead they all looked at me like I was bonkers.  But I knew, it could be super cute with a little TLC.


Okay, a lot of TLC.  I mean, it was basically rust.  I started by hosing and scrubbing it down really good.  Then, I took a wire brush and sandpaper to some of the really bad rust spots.  I covered up the stainless steel top with a garbage bag and tape, and I started with a quick coat of Rust-Reformer.  Pretty sure it’s for cars, but this was metal too.  I then added a coat of metal primer, this would make it easier to have the color stick.

I decided to go with a pretty mint color.  It took about two coats to color, and while the rust cover isn’t perfect, it looks amazingly better.

I then finished up by adding new hardware to the drawer.  I didn’t want something that would stand out, so I opted for little crystal knobs.


It is now sitting pretty on my deck with a flower pot.  I am hoping the Iowa weather isn’t to hard on it this summer, because eventually it would be super cute inside a house somewhere!


Before HJ was born, my mom painted a nightstand for him.  It was green, and cute.  And it had been mine.  And my sisters.  And my mom’s.  And her mom’s.  And at least one more generation beyond that.  So…it’s had some use.  One day, while shutting a drawer, the wood just sort of fell apart.  We continued to use it while I searched and searched for one.

Finally, I came across one on craigslist.  $8, real wood, need gone.

I sent a text to the number.  The responder text back super fast with numerous pictures.  Confirmed it was real wood.  It said I could get it that day!  I asked where we could meet. She said she didn’t have a car but I could go get it.

I said, sorry I am not comfortable with that.  Then deleted it and asked where she was.

She mentioned a trailer park in town.  One that is not known for its friendly, neighborly ways.

So I did what any sane person in need of a deal does.  I put my scary looking dog in the back seat, let my neighbor know I would call in 5 minutes (and if I didn’t to call the police) and made my way into the trailer park.

I should point out my scary looking dog is terrified of car rides and was shaking like a leaf in the backseat.

As I got closer to the meeting point, I started getting nervous and actually had 911 ready to go on my phone.  But lucky me…the police were already there.  Woohoo!  I figured she wouldn’t do anything crazy to me for a $8 night stand in front of the cops, so I was a bit more comfortable.  She came outside, got scared of the cops and ran very fast back inside as I gave her the money.

As I was driving home, I realized I forgot to ask a vital question.  “Does anyone smoke in the house?”.  It smelled awful.

This meant I left the nightstand in the garage for about 3 weeks, covered in baking soda (thanks, pinterest!).

Then, I had to sand it down really well.  It had gouges, some weird ring marks, sticker marks, you name it.  I also took of the ugly drawer pull and threw it away.


I had navy chalk paint left over from HJ’s bed, and after a few coats, it started looking MUCH better.  I let HJ pick out his own drawer pulls, which led to these cute little fox heads.


I also wanted to add a bit more of it, so I taped off the top edge and made it white.  I also saw the cute basket at Target with a chalkboard, and added that underneath.  I love that it matches his bed, it looks like such a cute little set!


Anyone else have a craigslist adventure story?  Usually I will only go to neighborhoods I am familiar with, so this one was very different for me!


Every now and then, I search craiglist for random furniture to makeover.  I was pretty excited when I came across this table for $4.


I have been wanting a end table for my living room for quite a while, but just had not came across anything that would fit.  When I saw the $4 table, I figured even if it didn’t fit, I could make it over and find a spot for it.  I chose an almost white color in chalk paint, removed the hardware and got to painting.  Painting all the curves and grooves added in more time then I thought, but luckily it wasn’t too chilly outside yet.

While painting the outside, I thought I would leave the inside alone.  It was a really nice wood, and the doors will always be closed…but then I decided a pop of color would be more fun.  I went through my paint stash and came across a fun deep turquoise color.  Instantly, I was excited about this choice.  I added on a few coats of the turquoise, and it was almost done.

The last step, I chose to spray paint the hardware with a rustoleum in antique bronze.  Once it was all dry, I put it back together and found it a cute little home next to our living room chair.


Oh yeah, it has also proven to be the perfect storage table for our games, I can’t believe how much it holds!


Have you found great craigslist finds?