Being a busy  mom means I typically don’t have time to go to a spa…so I like to bring a little bit of self-pampering into my home.  One thing I started doing is a moisturizing hair mask.

I started this because of how dry my hair feels in the winter.  I could have purchased an expensive hair mask online, but I found a few on pinterest instead.  My favorite one is super simple, and I always have all the ingredients on hand.

Here is the link to my favorite hair mask.  Basically, you need EVOO, coconut oil, and egg and honey.  Once it is all mixed up, I massage it into dry hair, root to tips.  Then I wrap it in a towel and do other things around the house for about a half hour.  Then rinse, and condition as normal.

The link says to do it once a week, but I usually forget and do it about once a month.  It truly has helped my hair from drying out now that the cold weather has set in!

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