You know what is stressful?  Having a web hosting service tell you that 5 years of blog posts, pictures and memories are gone.  AHHH.  Somehow, it was all figured out and I am back in action.

While I was gone, a few things happened.  I turned 36, HJ turned 8, we had Halloween, had a little one leave our house, welcomed 2 new littles, and then said goodbye.  Phew.

So for the most dramatic event…

Harrison went in for a trim.  Just a little trim.  He kept telling our hairdresser “a little shorter.  Little shorter…”  Over all, she ended up giving him about 4 hair cuts to get it the length he wanted.  YOU GUYS, he doesn’t have long hair anymore.  It has been about 3 years, and he finally has a short cut again!

beforeafterI told him he looks so much older.  He replied, “will you give me more responsibilities then?”.