This past weekend, HJ and I pulled out all our fall decorations and “fall-ified” our house.  Personally, I am a summer girl, but I still love decorating for fall…because it reminds me I almost get to decorate for Christmas…AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

Totally off subject…after decorating, I attacked HJ’s clothes and got all his fall gear out.  He got quite a few new things when we did back to school shopping, so he was set.  On the other hand, I always like to get a few staple items for fall.  Like a handbag, great pair of jeans and a warm and cozy top.

Which means, it is the perfect time for Shopbop’s BIG SALE.  With 20-25% off, I am able to get awesome deals on my finds, and may have even added in a Christmas present or two!

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There’s this boy who has my heart.  He calls me his mommy.  While I might be his mom for this moment, I am not his forever mom.

"Every child deserves a foster parent whose heart will break when they leave." Girl with balloons in a field. #fostercare

A few months ago I made a decision.  It was hard and heartbreaking.  After talking with HJ, I knew it was the choice that had to be made.  HJ and little one get along, they like to play, and they love each other.  But the bond isn’t what it should be.

I talked with friends who have adopted, and their kids have a different connection then my boys.  I talked with parents who made the decision not to adopt, because of the bond between the kids, and realized we fell into that category.

I love little one with all my heart.  I know I would be forever happy to be his mom, but I know God has other things in store for him.

Shortly after contemplating this, I met “them”.  His perfect forever and ever family.  The first time we all met, I cried.  I knew it was right.  They love him like I do.

For now, I am still his mom.  But I know this will end.  I can’t say I am ready for it, but I don’t think I ever will be.  He will always hold a special place in my heart, and in our home.

Little one’s room was pretty easy to get together (no painting required).  It was already painted a tan color (like at our old house), and has pretty wood floors.


This is actually my favorite bedroom, and the one HJ was originally supposed to have.  The reason…it was so many windows!  I love how light and bright it is.  It has a really big closet, with tons of space.  The only changes I made were hanging up black out curtains (a must for little one), and a ceiling fan.

The dresser in this room is still one of my favorite DIY projects I have done.

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You may be wondering why there is a crib AND a toddler bed.  Little one really wanted to try a toddler bed, so I set it up the first night in the new house.  Needless to say, he got up to play NUMEROUS times during the night.  After one night of trying, we are all happier with little one back in the crib.  The toddler bed now serves as the perfect cuddling spot for reading bedtime stories.

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