HJ started 2nd grade today.  He is at a new school, and asked me to walk him to class.  On our way to school, he told me he probably won’t talk to anyone since he doesn’t know anyone.  Then, we got to the school, and he saw a few kids he did know.  He looked at me and said “Bye, mom!”.  So much for needing me to walk in with him!

I pulled all of his “first day” pictures to see how much he has grown over the years.  Excuse me, while I go cry now.


Recently, my household was blessed with the opportunity to have a new little baby stay with us for a few days (more on that when I stop crying over it).

When I first carried the babes into the house, HJ and his friend hammered me with questions.  I laid him on a blanket so they could get a good look.  After a few minutes, I went to change his diaper.  The boys first noticed his belly button, and questioned what was wrong with it.  I explained that it was his umbilical cord.  I told them it is connected to the mom and it is what provides baby all the nutrients he needs.  And once baby is born, they can cut and tie it off; then after a few days it will fall off and you can see his belly button.

This led to lots of “ewwww” and “weird” comments.  As they commented I realized what the next question would be.  I tried to distract the boys as I took the diaper off, but it didn’t work.  “WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIS PENIS?!?!?”

And this led to a fun and unexpected lesson on circumcision.  Needless to say, the boys were terrified and disgusted and couldn’t believe such a thing.

Oh my little one, you are about to start 2nd grade.  Second grade at a new school.  I know how excited you are, you’ve been anxiously waiting for this day to come.  I want this to be the best year yet for you.  I know we always talk about working hard, completing your assignments, and learning your spelling words.

But that isn’t all.  While education will get you far in life, it isn’t what I care most about.  I want you to be kind.  To everyone.  To the kid that is being left out, include him.  To the kid being picked on, stand up for them.  Don’t ever pick on someone you think is different.  Take the time to get to know who they really are.

I know we have talked about things that make a good friend.  I want you to always be a good friend to your classmates.  It doesn’t matter if they think, act or look differently then you.  EVERYONE is important and deserves love.

Becoming a foster family has taught you so much about compassion.  You understand that not everyone comes from loving and supportive homes.  But you know that they still deserve love and support.

If you hear someone say hateful words, let them know it’s not ok. Let an adult know.  Be the good.

I love that you deeply care about others.  Don’t ever change that.  Offer help and friendship, especially to those who need it most.

I can not wait to see what this year brings you.  I wish you lots of fun, learning, and friendship.  And don’t forget to be kind to everyone.


HJ and I went on a long bike ride the other day.  While on the ride, HJ innocently asked me, “Were bikes invented when you were a kid?”.

I laughed, and said, “Of course!  They were even around when Nana was a kid!”

He thought about this a minute and then said, “Oh yeah, because cars weren’t invented when you were my age!  You had to use a bike to get around.”

I informed him that cars were in fact around when I was a kid…but cell phones weren’t.  Safe to say, his mind was blown!


The Master Bedroom didn’t require much work on my end (yeah!).  It was painted a grey color, that I kept.  The major change in here is the carpet.  When we moved in, the carpet was a deep maroon color.  The carpet was in great shape, however, it showed everything.  I am talking every dust, speck of dirt, dog hair, kid messes, everything.  And, it was maroon.  So the carpet went bye-bye.


I hung up a new curtain rod (the previous owner took theirs), and arranged my own stuff.  I still need to remove a few things from the wall (like the tv mount), but otherwise, that is it.

The shelf I have hung up on the wall is something I found years ago in my parent’s basement.  It was one of my first projects at the old house!

The nightstands were a craigslist find that I redid.

It’s starting to feel like home!