HJ’s room was originally supposed to be one of the hard wood floored rooms.  It is small, but has lots of windows, and so much light.  But, when he realized it wasn’t the biggest, he said no.  Actually, he said “Why do you always get the big rooms?”.  We finally came to an agreement that he could have the “purple room”.  Whenever I showed friends and family pictures of the house, everyone would comment on the “purple room”.  All the colors in the house were neutral…except this room.


Originally, I planned on making this the guest room.  I was going to leave it purple for a while just to see people’s reactions.  But, with HJ moving in, I knew the purple would not last long.  I was planning on doing a grey and navy color.  I had purchased navy and white striped curtains, and it would match the headboard and nightstand I painted for him perfectly.  Until HJ lovingly reminded me his favorite colors are red and black.  He didn’t want blue at all.

I ignored this for a week or 2, but then decided why am I spending money on the blue and white stuff when he doesn’t want it and won’t like it.  We were at a home store, and he saw a black moon picture.  Instantly, he declared it was for his room.  When we got home, I did a quick amazon search to see if I could find something inexpensive that he would like.  And, I found the perfect bedding, for under $40!  I grabbed  a few black out curtains, and he was set.


When the painters came, they seemed a little surprised at my request…but I love how his red and black wall turned out.  His room is *almost* done.  We are working on a desk (which he thinks NEEDS a swivel chair), eventually I would like to carpet it (the only room that didn’t get new stuff), and something for the very bare wall.  HJ loves showing his red wall off.  I am glad he convinced me to do it this way!




2 Thoughts on “HJ’s Room

  1. I love the room choice! Good call on letting him try something. Very cool!

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