Our new backyard is completely different from at our old house.  For one, we have TREES!  Huge trees, that lots of animals hide in and throw acorns on the patio.  We also have a fenced in back yard (that the pup loves).

The back door was painted a dark brown, and chipping quite a bit.  Which led me to 2 choices.  I could repaint it with the paint the previous owners left behind, or I could go a different direction.  I opted for going a different direction.  The backyard is a fun space, which called for a fun color.  I decided I wanted a shade close to a robin’s egg.  I ended up mixing my own shade using Glidden’s Bermuda Bay, and a Bright White, both an exterior paint.

I started by sanding the door down a bit, and then taped off the windows and door knobs/locks.  It took about 2 coats, but with the large window in the door this project took less than an hour to complete.  I love the new color, and I think it really adds a little something to the backyard.  Check out the before and after:

back door

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