HJ’s room was originally supposed to be one of the hard wood floored rooms.  It is small, but has lots of windows, and so much light.  But, when he realized it wasn’t the biggest, he said no.  Actually, he said “Why do you always get the big rooms?”.  We finally came to an agreement that he could have the “purple room”.  Whenever I showed friends and family pictures of the house, everyone would comment on the “purple room”.  All the colors in the house were neutral…except this room.


Originally, I planned on making this the guest room.  I was going to leave it purple for a while just to see people’s reactions.  But, with HJ moving in, I knew the purple would not last long.  I was planning on doing a grey and navy color.  I had purchased navy and white striped curtains, and it would match the headboard and nightstand I painted for him perfectly.  Until HJ lovingly reminded me his favorite colors are red and black.  He didn’t want blue at all.

I ignored this for a week or 2, but then decided why am I spending money on the blue and white stuff when he doesn’t want it and won’t like it.  We were at a home store, and he saw a black moon picture.  Instantly, he declared it was for his room.  When we got home, I did a quick amazon search to see if I could find something inexpensive that he would like.  And, I found the perfect bedding, for under $40!  I grabbed  a few black out curtains, and he was set.


When the painters came, they seemed a little surprised at my request…but I love how his red and black wall turned out.  His room is *almost* done.  We are working on a desk (which he thinks NEEDS a swivel chair), eventually I would like to carpet it (the only room that didn’t get new stuff), and something for the very bare wall.  HJ loves showing his red wall off.  I am glad he convinced me to do it this way!





Our new backyard is completely different from at our old house.  For one, we have TREES!  Huge trees, that lots of animals hide in and throw acorns on the patio.  We also have a fenced in back yard (that the pup loves).

The back door was painted a dark brown, and chipping quite a bit.  Which led me to 2 choices.  I could repaint it with the paint the previous owners left behind, or I could go a different direction.  I opted for going a different direction.  The backyard is a fun space, which called for a fun color.  I decided I wanted a shade close to a robin’s egg.  I ended up mixing my own shade using Glidden’s Bermuda Bay, and a Bright White, both an exterior paint.

I started by sanding the door down a bit, and then taped off the windows and door knobs/locks.  It took about 2 coats, but with the large window in the door this project took less than an hour to complete.  I love the new color, and I think it really adds a little something to the backyard.  Check out the before and after:

back door

We have been slowly and steadily getting our new home settled in.  And while I can’t say any room is completely done yet, I thought I would show you all the before pictures 🙂


These are the rooms that sold me.  I loved the living room with hard wood floors, lots of natural light, and the wood beamed ceiling.  My only changes for this room are light fixtures and paint color…and of course my own furniture (although I did ask to keep this stuff).  The kitchen is in the center of the house, which means it gets lots of traffic.  The counter-tops aren’t in the best shape, but I have no plans to change.  It did have wallpaper (you can’t tell in the picture), which was taken down.


The first picture is the Master bedroom.  The only dislike I had was the carpet.  It wasn’t in bad shape, the color just shows everything!  The room with the fireplace is the family room.  My goal is to make this cozy and comfy, because I am sure we will spend lots of time in here.  Now I just need to figure out the remote to the fireplace.  The next room is the sunroom/breezeway/3 season porch…I am not sure what to use it for yet.  So far we only have a spot to hang coats and put shoes.  Open to all ideas :).  The bedroom shown is currently little ones room, and has been updated to look more “kid friendly”.


The lovely purple room is HJ’s room.  He insisted the color be changed though :).  His pick in decor proves he is a big kid, and no longer my little boy.  Next, is the guest room.  My sister has already stayed over, and can’t wait for more visitors! And the lovely paneled walls are the basement!

As you can see, we have lots to do to make it our own, but overall we love it!

A few weeks ago, the boys and I had just finished up dinner.  I suggested a bike-ride to an ice cream shop not too far from our house.  HJ jumped on his bike right away, and I led the way with little one in his bike trailer.  It was hot out, so ice cream was definitely needed.

HJ requested to lead the way home, meaning little one had no eyes on him as we headed home.  I thought nothing of it since we take bike-rides almost daily.  We also made a quick stop at a park to play.

Once we got home, the boys were playing while I put away laundry.  I heard my phone go off telling me I had a text, but ignored it (my friends will tell you I do this often). Then I heard a facebook message come across the phone.

I finally glanced at the screen and noticed my old neighbor had text me.  It said: some random lady just brought your drivers license and debit card to me.  said she found it on the street.

What the hell.

I then look at the message request I had on facebook from some stranger: Hey, my nephew was playing at a park and came across your insurance cards, a credit card and a $5 bill.

I open up my wallet and discover EVERYTHING is gone.  Little one apparently threw everything out of my wallet along the entire bike-ride home.

I quickly had HJ jump on his bike, and put little one in the trailer (with nothing in it with him) and we backtracked everywhere we had gone.  I was able to find a few more things, and figured out the only thing missing was my target credit card.  We stopped at the house where the little boy had found my stuff.  He was worried someone had robbed me, so was glad to hear it was just thrown out of my wallet.  And yes, he got to keep the $5 as a reward.

The next morning, we ran to our old neighbors to grab my license and debit card.  My old neighbor said the lady tried to bring it to the address on my id, but it looked like no one lived there.  She asked my neighbor if he could get in touch with me.

I was amazed at these strangers for going above and beyond to return my items.  Somehow I had only lost 1 thing!  Or so I thought…2 days later, my mom got a call that a friend of a friend was out jogging and he came across my target card.

Lesson learned: no items go in the back of the bike with little one.