I haven’t given up on this page.  I promise!  But sometimes things happen.  Like you get locked out and it takes a while to figure things out.  And if you knew how my past month has gone, that wouldn’t surprise you one little bit.

To start things off, if you are on your cell phone while driving…and then drop your cell phone.  DO NOT REACH FOR YOUR PHONE WHILE TURNING.

That was the short version of how I was crashed into.  Now for the long version.

About a month ago I was driving down a street with little one in the back.  I was driving straight.  There was not a stop light, or a stop sign.  However, a car heading in the opposite direction was trying to turn left into a residential area.  While getting ready to turn, he dropped his phone.  He decided to reach for it, while turning and not looking.  I saw him turning and thought “how the hell is he turning, I AM RIGHT HERE”.  I even tried stopping.  But he turned into the side of my car.  Everyone was ok, but my car took a beating.  We gave our insurance info to the police, and went on our way.

Well, it turns out I gave my correct insurance info to the police, and the other person gave false information to the police.  And is now MIA.  But not really MIA, because he is active on his public facebook profile, we have his address, phone number and employer info.  So truthfully, I don’t know why he isn’t getting in trouble for any of this.

But anyway…after two weeks of my car being in the shop, replacing car seats and dealing with insurance info, I have my car back.  Now we just need to get my $$ back.

And be safe.  Don’t text and drive, email and drive, search the web and drive.  Next time you are driving, take notice of how many people aren’t looking at the road.  It is scary.

2 Thoughts on “Car Crash

  1. Ashley on May 9, 2017 at 7:30 pm said:

    Same thing happened to me! Some jerk ran a red light “just not paying attention” (also known as the “texting cover up story”) and plowed right into me on my daughters side! He have the police a FALSE insurance card and went on his merry way! With only a traffic violation! This cost us an ER visit, a $500 deductible, etc. How is this day of super technology can our policy officers NOT accurately verify insurance information on the scene?!?! Ridiculous!!! Glad you and little are safe, so scary and so frustrating:/

    • sliceofmudpie@gmail.com on May 10, 2017 at 8:17 am said:

      So frustrating is right! I don’t understand why it is so hard to find these people! And he was given a citation from the police, as he told them exactly what happened!

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