“AHHH!” I had bit my tongue while on a bike ride with HJ.  And it hurt like a *@&#*.

“What was that crazy noise you made, mom?”

I explained to him that I bit my tongue, and it hurt so bad I almost said a swear word.

He replied with, “What’s a swear word?”

I love that he made it almost 7 years without knowing what that means.  I told him it is a naughty word that you shouldn’t say.

“Oh, like the “f” word!”

“Um, HJ, what is the f word?” My fingers were crossed that he wouldn’t actually know the word, but I had to know if he did.

“You know…” He hesitated to say it, but I gave him a nod of approval.

“Frick”, he whispered.

Sigh of relief.  Yes, the “f” word is frick.

“I also know the “a” word because of *insert neighbor boy name*.  It’s ass.”


2 Thoughts on “The F Word

  1. Haha so adorable at that age. I remember when my girl was this innocent. I decided to quit using bad language when she was born, which is not always easy, I think the only time she’s heard me swear is when I crashed my car a few weeks ago. Unlike HJ she knew the words though. She would hear them at school and come home and ask if they were bad.

  2. Ha, that’s too funny……that darn neighbor boy. Everything I need to know I learned on the bus…….and eventually my mom stopped letting me ride the bus.

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