PicMonkey Collage

I had been looking around for a new night stand to redo for HJ’s room.  Instead, I came across a pair and decided to upgrade my own.  I paid $10 on craigslist, grabbed some grey paint and brought them home.

I started by cleaning them.  And they were nasty.  I won’t get into too many details, but I have no idea why someone would keep nail clippings.


I sanded them, even though it is a laminate, and then sprayed them with a primer.  With a non real wood, I wanted to make sure the paint would stick and not easily chip.  Then I started painting them.  After the first coat, I thought I might have to just throw them out they were in such bad shape.  But I figured I would keep going just in case.  I painted the drawers with grey around the edges, and a white rectangle…but something seemed off.  So then I painted a white stripe across the drawer.  Still, didn’t love it.  Then, I realized I was trying to do too much.  I settled for the top drawers to have a stripe, and the bottoms would be grey.


Then, I went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some adorable draw pulls.  I also got a mint paint for the inside of the drawers and some cute contact paper to line the drawers.  When everything was done, I sprayed with a polyurethane to help “seal” it.


Somehow, this ended up being one of my favorite re-dos.  Maybe it was because they were so hideous and nasty to start with, but I love how they turns out!



HJ was lucky enough to score 2 snow days this week.  I was lucky enough to score one.  Every now and then, it’s nice to be “trapped” in the house.

During the afternoon, I suggested we get HJ’s valentine box ready for school.  His school asks that all the kids bring in a decorated box.  I much prefer them doing it at school…

I asked HJ how he wanted to do it, and he instantly responded with PIKACHU!

I should have known.

I thought up a few ideas, and we started running around the house gathering materials.  We grabbed glue, construction paper, scissors, and round items to trace (like a marker lid, shot glass, etc.).

I started by tracing yellow rectangles to cover the box entirely, while HJ cut and glued them on the box.  Then, I had HJ trace circles for the eyes (2 black, 2 white), and red for the cheeks.  While he cut those, I free cut the two ears.  Once the ears were cut, I had HJ color in the black while I cut out a little oval for the nose.  HJ also decided he knew exactly how to make the arms and tail.  So while he cut out an elaborate zig zag tail, I cut out the hearts.  I had HJ write his name on a heart, so everyone would know it was his valentine mailbox.

HJ and I both think it turned out cute, and he can hardly wait to bring it to school for the Valentine’s party.