I love finding inexpensive ways to replace products I currently purchase.  Even better if they are all natural.  And I absolutely love when it leaves the carpet smelling like lemonade.

Between the dog and a kid, my carpet gets wear.  I feel like vacuuming just isn’t enough, so I also sprinkle over a carpet refresher.  The one I typically would buy is by Arm and Hammer, and is good for pet hair.  However, it has a strong scent.  And I would go through it quickly.  So I did what I do best, and searched pinterest for a solution.  I came across the same recipe time and again.  And I had everything on hand to make it.


I put 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup of borax in a jar.  Then I added in 20-25 drops of lemon oil.  On the mason jar lid, I drilled some holes in the top so I could sprinkle the powder throughout the house.  It was simple, smells great and inexpensive!

I love finding natural cleaning solutions, what do you use in your house?

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