The text from my mom read:

Dog food makes HJ throw up

Naturally, I immediately called my mom.

My parents had been watching my sister’s pup.  She had given them a gallon Ziploc bag full of food.  On this day, my mom fed the dog, the phone rang, so she set the bag of dog food on the kitchen table to grab the phone.

HJ walks by the table, notices the bag, and is instantly excited that nana has cocoa puffs.  He reaches his hand in, grabs a few pieces and puts them in his mouth.

And then throws up.

*He still refuses to talk about it and gets mad if I tell anyone the story

I love finding inexpensive ways to replace products I currently purchase.  Even better if they are all natural.  And I absolutely love when it leaves the carpet smelling like lemonade.

Between the dog and a kid, my carpet gets wear.  I feel like vacuuming just isn’t enough, so I also sprinkle over a carpet refresher.  The one I typically would buy is by Arm and Hammer, and is good for pet hair.  However, it has a strong scent.  And I would go through it quickly.  So I did what I do best, and searched pinterest for a solution.  I came across the same recipe time and again.  And I had everything on hand to make it.


I put 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup of borax in a jar.  Then I added in 20-25 drops of lemon oil.  On the mason jar lid, I drilled some holes in the top so I could sprinkle the powder throughout the house.  It was simple, smells great and inexpensive!

I love finding natural cleaning solutions, what do you use in your house?

Every now and then, I search craiglist for random furniture to makeover.  I was pretty excited when I came across this table for $4.


I have been wanting a end table for my living room for quite a while, but just had not came across anything that would fit.  When I saw the $4 table, I figured even if it didn’t fit, I could make it over and find a spot for it.  I chose an almost white color in chalk paint, removed the hardware and got to painting.  Painting all the curves and grooves added in more time then I thought, but luckily it wasn’t too chilly outside yet.

While painting the outside, I thought I would leave the inside alone.  It was a really nice wood, and the doors will always be closed…but then I decided a pop of color would be more fun.  I went through my paint stash and came across a fun deep turquoise color.  Instantly, I was excited about this choice.  I added on a few coats of the turquoise, and it was almost done.

The last step, I chose to spray paint the hardware with a rustoleum in antique bronze.  Once it was all dry, I put it back together and found it a cute little home next to our living room chair.


Oh yeah, it has also proven to be the perfect storage table for our games, I can’t believe how much it holds!


Have you found great craigslist finds?