Like most families that celebrate Christmas, we have an elf.  Mr. Bo Jingle Jangles came to us a few years ago, and has graced our house throughout the Christmas season.  According to HJ this year, our elf is “lazy”.

Thank you, over achieving parents.

Our elf arrives the day after Thanksgiving.  He brings a pair of Christmas PJ’s and a movie (he also brings Santa’s key on Christmas Eve morning).  Then, he pretty much sits in random places throughout the house.  The first week this happened, I would lay down in bed and instantly think, “SHIT! THE ELF!”.  I would get out of bed, move the damn elf to another location and go to bed.

After that first week, I set a reminder on my phone.  At 10 pm, my phone beeps and says “move the damn elf”.

HJ was content the first few days.  Oh, the elf is on the counter.  Oh, the elf is on the shelf.

Then he went to a friend’s house.

Their elf had written all over the bathroom mirror and was even holding the marker!  Another friend’s elf was playing with the toys.  While another had got out milk and cookies.

What the heck parents!  Can’t we all agree to do as little as possible?  Of course not…There are even calendars on pinterest to help you with the daily placements.

I don’t know how people have enough time to get the elf all set up.  All my creativity shuts off at 9pm.  Mr. Bo Jingle Jangles is lazy.  Sorry kid.

One Thought on “That Damn Elf

  1. Elf on the Shelf is living at my daughter’s dad’s house 😅 Yes, I’m happily divorced too!

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