Tis the season to do some shopping….fa, la, la, la. la…

This time of year is my favorite.  I love seeing the feel good Christmas stories.  I love seeing the excitement in HJ’s eyes.  And I love finding the perfect gift for my loved ones.

When picking out a gift, I try to stand by the theory that you get something they want, but won’t get for themselves.  you know, splurge a little!  You want a new pair of slippers?  Don’t get them at Target, splurge and get the most cozy pair at the department store (my sister spoiled me with UGG slippers one year, and I don’t think I can ever go back).


One thing I rarely splurge on for myself is sunglasses.  I lose them, or sit on them.  My next run to Target consists of me trying on 13 different pairs while frowning in the mirror before ultimately spending $12.99 and then having the frame fall out 2 days later (true story).

Now that I know how wonderful a beautiful pair of sunglasses can be, I will probably have to get them all from the Frame Boutique.  They have so many to pick between, and a price to fit every gift giving budget.  I spent a while browsing all the lovely shades before settling on this perfect pair.  Amazing.


The sunglasses were delivered quickly, and the packaging even had lens spray and wipes.  Something I am always missing in my handbag!  Who wouldn’t love a pair of beautiful new sunglasses wrapped up under the tree?

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