On October 30th, we had an eventful night at our house.  HJ had been wiggling a tooth for a while and it was loose.  Like could turn sideways loose.  My neighbor and I reminded him how we pulled out her son’s tooth a few years before.  I had tied a string to it, and slammed a door.  The tooth popped right out!

HJ kind of liked the idea, but would panic once the string was tied to his tooth.  Once we brought up the idea of a cat pulling it out, he was all on board.  So my neighbor, HJ, me and some string walked next door.  We tied once end of the string to HJ’s tooth, and the other to the cat collar.  My neighbor stepped away and shook the cat’s treat bag.  The cat lunged forward, HJ screamed like he had been shot and fell to the ground.  Then, he started laughing and squealing with excitement.


The tooth was out!  And yes, he was wearing his Pikachu costume and the cat was wearing a Halloween sweater…of course.  HJ was so excited to put the tooth under his pillow, and even more excited to find $2 in quarters the next day.


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