“Grandpas bring a little more wisdom, happiness, warmth and love to every life they touch”

The past few weeks have been difficult for my family.  My grandpa went into hospice on October 13th.  The doctors said there was nothing left they could do.  That his body was shutting down.

For the next week and a half, my family spent as much time by his side as possible.  HJ became use to eating meals at Hospice, and knew his way around the building.  I let him come, because I wanted him to have time with his great-grandpa.  And I wanted his great-grandpa to have a few more moments with him.

After a few visits, I noticed that HJ never once complained when I said we were going to Hospice.  I told him if he didn’t want to come, he didn’t need to.  But he said he wanted to go.

One night, a nurse came in to move my grandpa.  HJ pulled a chair up next to his bed.  I let him know we could leave while the nurse was in there, and he said, “But I love him”.

It was in Hospice that HJ went running into the room to tell his gramps that he was going to be in a parade.  He was so excited to share the news, and even more excited to show off his panther costume the day of the parade.  The last night I brought HJ in to see gramps, we told him we loved him.  At that point, he was doing so poorly, I decided I would go the next day over lunch instead of after work, that way HJ and I could actually spend time at home.

Over lunch, I was able to get Gramps awake to talk a bit.  Before I left, I said, “I’ll see ya tomorrow.”

He said, “I sure hope so”.

“Love you Gramps!”

“Love you too, thanks for coming.”

Those were the last words he was able to say to me.

I cried my way back to work that day because of how he looked.  That afternoon, they started a morphine drip to ease his pain.  He fell into a deep sleep.  While he help on for a few days, he never woke up again.

The next days were hard.  I would go and sit by his bed with my family.  By this point, I had decided to leave HJ at home.  I didn’t want him to remember the man he was named after like that.

My grandma.  She was there, at his bed all the time.  She didn’t want to leave her husband of 67 years.

I visited Friday at lunch, and he looked so much more relaxed than the other days.  I was grateful for that, because it had been getting so hard to go.  Saturday morning, October 24th, he passed away.  My grandma was by his side.

The next week, we had his visitation and funeral.  HJ asked a few hard questions, and I couldn’t help but think how hard this was for him to understand.

I am so glad that HJ was able to get to know his great-grandpa.  I hope he always remembers how much love his “gramps” had for him.


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