Do you ever feel that parenting is a bunch of threats that you know you won’t follow through with?

“If you don’t pick up your toys, we aren’t going on our trip”

Bullshit.  You already paid for that trip.  Hotels are non-refundable.

Last night, I did the, “if you don’t apologize to your friend for hitting him over the head with a snake, he won’t want to some to your birthday party.” *not a real snake…stuffed snake*

HJ’s response was, “Good!  I don’t want him to come anymore!”

Crud, not the reaction I wanted.  I needed to go bigger. “You won’t be able to have a party AT ALL”.

Even though I already paid for the location, delivered invites, ordered a cake and purchased some favors.  Uh-huh.

Luckily, he apologized.

But what do you do if the kid doesn’t comply?  Do you follow through with those big threats?  Compromise somehow?  I feel like HJ is starting to figure out a lot of my threats are just crap.  Therefore they have turned more into, “Go to your room” as opposed to “we are no longer going to wherever cool it is that I pre-planned”.

But what do you do if the kid WANTS to go to their room?  When I would get in trouble growing up, I would willingly go to my room, I didn’t want to be anywhere near my parents who angered me so.  And HJ has proven to be much like me time and time again.  Sometimes I am saying “Get to your room!” and notice he is already doing that.

I want something so that my child truly knows what happened, and know I am trying to make him into a good person.

And while asking for advise, at what age do you tell a child, “hurry, get in the car so I am not late for work!” and they actually hurry?  I feel like kids have no sense of urgency.  HJ must think, “ok mom, after I change my socks, hug the dog, notice the tag on my shirt is too awful to wear, complain about needing a drink and then start crying when my mom urges me on more”.

What’s better then doing a little shopping for yourself right before your birthday?


Doing a little shopping on ShopBop for 25% off!

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And what birthday girl doesn’t need a little jewelry?  I love the look of layered necklaces, and this one won’t break the bank.  This one might break the bank, but it looks so delicate and perfect.


I also love the look of this bracelet.  And I might as well add in this jewelry box to hold it all :).

So do a little early Christmas shopping and save 25% off your order with the code “INTHEFAM25”.  On top of that, Shopbop always has free shipping!

Every now and then, you need a weekend away to visit one of your favorite families.  HJ and I loaded up the car to head to Kansas City for a wild and fun filled weekend.

My friend Courtney and I have boys that are 6 weeks apart, and they loved every second of their time together.  They giggled and ran around, colored and watched movies.  And HJ even got chased around the house a few times with Alex’s little sister trying to give him kisses.


We spent Saturday at the Apple Cider Festival.  The parents had hot cider, while the 3 hooligans got cider slushies.  We also got a dozen cider donuts, that melted in your mouth.  The kids got to see how cider was made, all while slurping on their slushies.


We then went to the pumpkin patch portion.  The kids had fun making bracelets, and going for a tractor ride.  There was a giant slide to go down, and of course pumpkins to hunt down.


When we got back to the house, Courtney put up a bounce house, while the moms sat by with a glass of wine.  Once the kids were in bed, we may have had a few more glasses while entertaining ourselves with dubsmash and being goofy.


Numerous times we said how fun it would be for our boys to grow up together…now I just need them to  move the whole family to Cedar Falls!