Saturday morning, HJ and I hopped in the car to spend the day in Dubuque.  We had won tickets to the National Mississippi River Museum, and thought it would be the perfect day to go check it out.

The museum was split up in 2 different buildings, and had a few outdoor spots to enjoy as well.  We saw lots of fish…and solidified the fact that I will not swim in the Mississippi.  Even HJ couldn’t believe the size and gross-ness of some of the fish.  And, there was a snake.  Well, lots of them.  I had the heeby-jeebies the whole time we were in that portion.  Especially when a worker told us that snakes can sneak out of most containers and cages.


Heeby-Jeebies aside, the museum was fun to spend a few hours at.  HJ loved the kids area, and I loved the outdoor stuff (perfect weather helped this).  We even saw a old log cabin, at which HJ proclaimed, “Did they even have internet?!”.


After the museum and a quick bite to eat, we went to Eagle Point Park to explore.  Eagle Point Park is where we have had different family events, and I always loved walking around and seeing all the cool rocks, river views and fun buildings.  HJ and I even found a Koi pond with some GIGANTIC fish.


I then asked HJ if he would want to try the Fenelon Place Elevator.  I had been there since I was young, but remembered thinking it was cool.  However, HJ is scared of heights, so I wasn’t sure he would like it.  He decided to go check it out and decide there.  And, he brave-d up, and tried it!


We rode from the top to the bottom, and stopped at a cute ice cream shop.  On the way back up, HJ even got to ring the bell to let the attendants know our cart was all ready to go back up!


Then it was time to head home.  HJ took a nice nap, while I got to sing along to the radio.  It was a fun, and busy day…and we loved it!

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