At dinner the other night, HJ was deep in thought.  He was staring up at the ceiling with a concerned expression.  Then, he looked at me and said, “How do babies get in the mom’s bellies”.

I quickly took a bite to give myself a few extra moments to think of how to answer this.

“Do they have to pay to get them?”, he followed up with.

Ah, an easy out.

“Yup, some parents DO have to pay to have babies.”

End of conversation.

So it may be a bit of a fib, but I know plenty of people who have paid lots and lots of money to get a baby in their belly.

2 Thoughts on “On Babies

  1. Whew! Dodged a bullet with that.

  2. Oh, I can definitely wait for these kind of questions. Love how he gave you an easy out, though.

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