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It’s officially a new school year!

HJ is at the same school he had preschool last year, so that part of the transition has not been difficult.

The past 2 years, HJ has been so excited for school.  Bouncing all around.  This year was a bit different.  I could see that he was a bit nervous, but couldn’t figure out why.  Finally one day, he said he was worried kids would be mean to me.

I let him know that the other kids were probably nervous too.  And that he is going to make so many new friends.  And that if someone is mean, to talk to them about it.  If someone is being mean to another kid, to let a teacher know.  And to always tell me what is going on.

Then, we talked about all the fun stuff he could do…like play on the big kid playground and eat in the cafeteria.  And how his class has 14 boys, and 7 girls to become friends with.  And at recess, his friends from the other classes could play with him.

He seemed a bit more upbeat the next morning.  We walked to school together, with a big smile on his face.  When we walked in the classroom, he became quiet.  All the other kids were quiet.  And I snuck out leaving my boy looking scared as could be, and at that moment I almost cried.  But I didn’t.  Because I knew he would love it.  I knew he would make friends.  And I know he is ready for Kindergarten.


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