Talk about summer just flying by!  Somehow, it is mid-July.

I didn’t even realize I didn’t post last week.

It’s like the week just didn’t exist.  There is no way school supplies should be showing up at the Target stores already.  But somehow, summer is halfway gone and I feel like we haven’t accomplished so many things I wanted to do.

Starting with losing ten pounds.

In June, I figured by my friends July 18th wedding, I wanted to be 10 pounds lighter.  And then this past week, I was thinking I should start working on that.

And now the wedding is in a week, and I am like, “well, forget that!”

Luckily my friend Courtney and I decided to get serious about our weight again.  We have tried other things on our own, but nothing worked as well as when we had our monthly contests and weigh-ins.  Now, I am hoping to be down 10 pounds in 6 weeks.  Wish me luck!


Starting now, when I lost 10 pounds, she is sending me a gift.  How’s that for motivation?  I love getting presents in the mail!

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