IMG_3531Two years ago, I found a bed on the side of the road.  I sanded and stained it, and set it up in HJ’s room.  It was cute, it was a work of labor.  And it was uncomfortable.  It creaked.  It didn’t have a box spring.

But I also didn’t do anything about it.

Then one day, 3 little monkeys were jumping on the bed.  And, BOOM!  It broke.  Split right down the middle.  It could maybe had been saved (probably looking crappy, but saved), but it was not worth it.  So for the past 6 months or so, HJ had no headboard.  In fact, for a few months his mattress was even on the floor.

His mattress was actually a hand me down from one of my friend’s childhood room, so it was around 30 years old.  Lucky me, for Mother’s Day my dad bought a mattress and bedspring for HJ ( I swear that wasn’t sarcasm, I really was happy about it).

I kept my eyes peeled for new headboards.  I knew HJ needed a bookshelf one, because his room is full of his treasures.  And his dresser was packed full of treasures.

Then I saw this one for sale:


Not great, but I saw potential.  I had to work the day of the garage sale, so I asked a friend to confirm it was real wood.  And to then throw it in her minivan and drop it off.  It was real wood, and in great shape.  However, they had to take the seats down, drop kids off, etc. just to deliver it for me (Thank goodness for friends like that).

I stared for a few days before deciding what to do with it.

I went with a navy chalk paint (Dutch boy brand), and the stripes are in a cream (non chalk paint).


I sanded and wiped down the bed and put about 3 coats of paint on.  I was going to do stripes down the top, but decided just on the shelf portion would be enough.  I then finished it off with a matte protector to help keep the paint form chipping (hopefully this helps!).  I also painted a sweet little note to HJ on the bottom on the shelf…I wonder how old he will be before he sees it!


HJ loved decorating the shelves with his treasures.  It is so fun to see what he thinks are his “prized possessions”.  The drawings are from our local art festival, the book on top is a pokeman card book.  The penguin is something he typically dislikes, so I am not sure why he got a prime spot.  He also was sure to put a picture of Ty, his light he falls asleep with and his fox mask.  You know, the important stuff.


Now I am ready for our next diy project.  On that note, if anyone knows where I can get my hands on a wash tub and/or bar cart let me know!


HJ and I love the Despicable Me movies.  When we heard about the new Minion movie coming out, I knew that would be a summertime movie that HJ would need to see.  After all, he did make the cutest little minion a few Halloween’s ago.


And the Minion fun isn’t just in the theaters this summer.  After seeing them on the big screen this summer, you can also check out the Minions on specially marked boxes of your favorite fruit flavored snacks at retailers near you, including Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot. From Gushers made with the Minions signature colors to themed comic strips on your Fruit by the Foot and even customizable pirate accessories for Fruit Roll-Ups Minion cut-outs, you can enjoy family fun that promotes imaginative and cognitive play—plus even more Minions fun on each box with games and clues to solve puzzles!

General Mills wants to help make sure you are enjoying summertime Minion style.  They are giving one of YOU a box of a participating General Mills cereal, a box of a participating Betty Crocker fruit flavored snack, an exclusive Minions Buddy and a $25 Fandango gift card to see the film in theatres next month.

How awesome is that?  To win, just leave a comment!  The winner will be randomly selected nest Tuesday, July 28th.  Good Luck!

Talk about summer just flying by!  Somehow, it is mid-July.

I didn’t even realize I didn’t post last week.

It’s like the week just didn’t exist.  There is no way school supplies should be showing up at the Target stores already.  But somehow, summer is halfway gone and I feel like we haven’t accomplished so many things I wanted to do.

Starting with losing ten pounds.

In June, I figured by my friends July 18th wedding, I wanted to be 10 pounds lighter.  And then this past week, I was thinking I should start working on that.

And now the wedding is in a week, and I am like, “well, forget that!”

Luckily my friend Courtney and I decided to get serious about our weight again.  We have tried other things on our own, but nothing worked as well as when we had our monthly contests and weigh-ins.  Now, I am hoping to be down 10 pounds in 6 weeks.  Wish me luck!


Starting now, when I lost 10 pounds, she is sending me a gift.  How’s that for motivation?  I love getting presents in the mail!