Last summer, I blogged on schedule.  I saw other blogs saying how hard it was to get posts done on time, and when they wanted.  And I thought, whatev, I can totally keep up in the summer.

And then along came this summer.  And holy crap, is it busy.  I can not think of the last night where I haven’t had something planned.

After scarfing down a pb&j sandwich at 9pm tonight, I am realizing I need a bit of a refocus.

I have really been liking my 2nd job of doing in-home wine tastings.  But, it does mean time away from HJ.  When I first started, I thought I would do a party every other week or so.  And then I got super excited when bookings came in.  Starting in July, I will only do one a week.

I haven’t REALLY cleaned my house in over a week.  Which is not like me.  And it is gross.  Between yardwork and life, the house has been on the back burner.

This weekend I am hoping to tackle it room by room…but I am not sure when we will have time!

Also, my dog has had to go to the vet once a week for the past 3 weeks.  I have worked early.  And late.  We left town.

I didn’t have nearly enough time with my little guy.

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