Tonight, HJ and I were relaxing on the couch before it was time to tuck him in.  All of a sudden, a car alarm starts going off.

And not just any car alarm, OUR car alarm.  Our car alarm in our CLOSED garage.  So while visions of serial killers and scary clowns flood my brain, I grab the keys I used for work today.  I had grabbed my spare set, because I had no clue where I had stashed my other keys the night before.

The car alarm turns off, and I start walking back to the kitchen, because I do NOT want to know what made it go off.  Then the BEEP BEEP starts again.  This time, I turn it off and open the door to our garage.  I see a shadow in the back seat, and it is obviously someone who has been hiding in there for hours to kill us.  So I open the garage door, not sure why I thought that was better, but I did.  That is when I realize there is no one in the back seat, and the alarm is going off again!

I figure something in my car has shorted, and I am trying to figure out where I can hide it overnight to not piss off the neighbors.

And a guy pulls in to my driveway.

And then gets out of his car.

And then says, “Are you Kristin?”, while walking straight in to my garage.

He then holds out my keys.  At this point, I wasn’t even aware I had lost my keys.

He says he found them this morning laying on a sidewalk about a block away (must have fallen out of my pocket while on a walk!?!?).  He said he sent me a facebook message, but I must have thought he was crazy and didn’t responded (it actually was in my “other” folder, so I didn’t see it).  I also have our pool passes on the key chain, so he saw my name, which is how he tracked me down on fb.  As well as my hy-vee fuel saver, gym pass and library card.  So he had gone to hy-vee, but they wouldn’t give him my info.

He then decided to drive around our neighborhood hitting the car alarm button hoping to hear a car alarm going off so he could return the keys.  Mission accomplished.

I love when people go above and beyond to help others.


3 Thoughts on “Serial Killer in the Garage

  1. So glad you got your keys back, but that would have scared me to death.

  2. AHH!!! So glad it worked out okay! I have those super sleuth moments (I’m job searching, so I find myself trying to find any/all information on someone before an interview) and I’m glad he was able to return your keys to you!

  3. HAHA! that was a clever way to find you i guess! lol

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