Our old pup has had a rough few weeks.  He had an ongoing ear infection that he just wasn’t able to kick.  This led to vet trips 3 weeks in a row.  Tyson hates the vet.  While we sat in the waiting room, he would try to jump into my lap (not an easy task for a 90 pound dog).  I would have to drag him down the hall into the exam room.  Once in the room, he refused all attempts of the staff to cheer him up.  He even turned up his nose at their treats.

HJ and I thought a special treat from Chewy would help cheer him up.  We received a Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle.  Kong has always been one of the few brands that can stand up to my dog.  Tyson has destroyed many nondestructive toys, but his Kong items have always lasted.

This toy is also perfect for HJ and Tyson to play fetch…which always ends in Tyson being exhausted and HJ in a fit of giggles.


Tyson is now feeling better, and loves to track us down while carrying his new toy!

I did receive a free product for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have started and restarted this post over the last week and a half, unsure of how to share it.  As some of you know, I advise a sorority on our local campus.

This past week and a half has truly shown how amazing the bonds that these sisters have.  On Friday, a vigil was held on campus to celebrate one of the girls who lost her life too soon.  Anna is loved to the crescent moon and back…

Last summer, I blogged on schedule.  I saw other blogs saying how hard it was to get posts done on time, and when they wanted.  And I thought, whatev, I can totally keep up in the summer.

And then along came this summer.  And holy crap, is it busy.  I can not think of the last night where I haven’t had something planned.

After scarfing down a pb&j sandwich at 9pm tonight, I am realizing I need a bit of a refocus.

I have really been liking my 2nd job of doing in-home wine tastings.  But, it does mean time away from HJ.  When I first started, I thought I would do a party every other week or so.  And then I got super excited when bookings came in.  Starting in July, I will only do one a week.

I haven’t REALLY cleaned my house in over a week.  Which is not like me.  And it is gross.  Between yardwork and life, the house has been on the back burner.

This weekend I am hoping to tackle it room by room…but I am not sure when we will have time!

Also, my dog has had to go to the vet once a week for the past 3 weeks.  I have worked early.  And late.  We left town.

I didn’t have nearly enough time with my little guy.

Tonight, HJ and I were relaxing on the couch before it was time to tuck him in.  All of a sudden, a car alarm starts going off.

And not just any car alarm, OUR car alarm.  Our car alarm in our CLOSED garage.  So while visions of serial killers and scary clowns flood my brain, I grab the keys I used for work today.  I had grabbed my spare set, because I had no clue where I had stashed my other keys the night before.

The car alarm turns off, and I start walking back to the kitchen, because I do NOT want to know what made it go off.  Then the BEEP BEEP starts again.  This time, I turn it off and open the door to our garage.  I see a shadow in the back seat, and it is obviously someone who has been hiding in there for hours to kill us.  So I open the garage door, not sure why I thought that was better, but I did.  That is when I realize there is no one in the back seat, and the alarm is going off again!

I figure something in my car has shorted, and I am trying to figure out where I can hide it overnight to not piss off the neighbors.

And a guy pulls in to my driveway.

And then gets out of his car.

And then says, “Are you Kristin?”, while walking straight in to my garage.

He then holds out my keys.  At this point, I wasn’t even aware I had lost my keys.

He says he found them this morning laying on a sidewalk about a block away (must have fallen out of my pocket while on a walk!?!?).  He said he sent me a facebook message, but I must have thought he was crazy and didn’t responded (it actually was in my “other” folder, so I didn’t see it).  I also have our pool passes on the key chain, so he saw my name, which is how he tracked me down on fb.  As well as my hy-vee fuel saver, gym pass and library card.  So he had gone to hy-vee, but they wouldn’t give him my info.

He then decided to drive around our neighborhood hitting the car alarm button hoping to hear a car alarm going off so he could return the keys.  Mission accomplished.

I love when people go above and beyond to help others.


HJ has officially graduated preschool!

IMG_4341 IMG_4341

This past year has been amazing.  HJ has grown and learned so much.  And I don’t know if we just got lucky, or if this is what I should expect of teachers, but his teachers were amazing.  HJ absolutely ADORES the women that taught him preschool, and was so sad to tell them goodbye.

Luckily, he will just be down the hall next year and can stop by and say “hi”.

On May 21st, HJ had his official graduation ceremony.  Families and friends were in seats, as the class walked in to the graduation march.  The students lined up, and sang us some cute songs (that I was lucky enough to hear being practiced all week).

Between songs, we got to hear what each child wants to be when they grow up.  HJ proudly announced, “A vet!”, which has progressed from his giraffe and dinosaur trainer.  They received their diplomas, and we celebrated with cookies and juice.


HJ also got to pick where the family went for dinner.  Naturally, he picked Buffalo Wild Wings.

The next day, was his last day of school, and he was excited to celebrate with his friends and teachers.  We also celebrated by heading to Des Moines for the night, and hit up the zoo!

Hard to believe my sweet, baby boy is a kindergartener.