You know those days where you have been running around like crazy, only to discover that when you sit down, you are exhausted?

That, is my excuse for the lack of posts last week.  Between work outs, t-ball, a new little side gig, oh and life, I haven’t had much “me” time.  But it’s ok, I have enjoyed being busy, and I love nice weather!

Here’s a rundown of our wild and fun weekend…

Friday after work, HJ and I went to a neighbors.  We ordered pizza, the moms drank some wine and we had good girl talks.  We got home late, and into bed even later.

Which led to a not-so-happy 5-year-old when I dragged him out of bed to go to my 8am TRX class.  After class, we went to Aldi’s and I had full intention of mowing when we got home.  However, the grass was completely wet from rain the night before.  This led to me digging up the garden, getting excited over my returning strawberries, getting covered in dirt and screaming over a worm and a spider.

That afternoon, we went and got seeds and small plants for our veggie garden, and HJ’s gifts for his teachers (how is it the last week of school?!).  We then met some friends to head to a park.  It was the perfect park weather day, even though it was supposed to be rainy.


Then, we went to my company picnic.  HJ was actually ok with a mascot picture (maybe this fear is gone?).  We saw a magic show, played on bounce house after bounce house and HJ got his face painted to look like a snow leopard.  Or a white tiger.  Something along those lines.


When we got home, I thought mowing seemed like a great idea.  I still hate mowing.  And I almost killed a baby rabbit that caused me to scream and run away….which caused my child to scream.  So we were both running around the yard screaming.  The bunny was so scared, it didn’t move until I poked it with a stick.  Which caused me to scream again.

Sunday, we woke up to a messy house.  Seriously messy.  While I was mowing, the living room turned into a library.  Books covered EVERY surface.  Laundry was piled up.  Even the fish was in need of a clean bowl.

And then I worked.  And grocery shopped.  And potted plants.  And made cookies for HJ’s graduation this week.   And went to my grandparents for dinner.  And frosted cookies.  And ate like 4 cookies.

And now, I am so very ready for bed.

2 Thoughts on “Sit Down and Breathe

  1. I wasn’t around much last week either. End of school year wipes me out.

    • on May 18, 2015 at 6:39 am said:

      I am relieved tball is over, that frees up 2 nights a week!

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