Last week, the weather was perfect.  Sunny, and in the seventies.  Of course a cold front comes through, and that is when HJ starts tee-ball.  (I also just verified on Wikipedia that it can be spelled t-ball, teeball or tee-ball.)


It is the first year he has been old enough to do it (in our neighboring city, he is still too young for Cedar Falls).  He loves playing tee-ball in our yard and I was excited for him to try it out with a bunch of kids.

Cue the 50 degree and super windy weather…

HJ is officially a Cardinal.  To which he responded, “Ugh, the Cardinals are the worst team ever!  I want to be a Cub.  The cubs are the best.  And cubs are cute.”.

And his proud mama said, “You are absolutely correct, but for kids teams the Cardinals are ok.”

Watching 5 year olds play tee-ball is hilarious.  Like when the coach says 18 times that not everyone needs to run for the ball when it gets hit, and somehow they all end up in a giant pile wrestling for the ball.  Every time.  Or when he says “Run to first!” and your son insists on putting the bat back where he found it, runs part way to first before stopping to chat to a friend from school, and eventually makes it to first.

They actually have games in a few weeks, which I have a feeling will be even more hilarious.  Twice the kids trying to focus and play a game that they aren’t totally sure what the rules are.  It’s like herding cats.

I really liked when the coach yelled, “GROUND BALL!” or “FOUL BALL!” and half the kids are kicking the dirt, while the other half are spinning in circles.  Maybe one or two looked up to give him a blank stare.

Now, I only hope that next week brings warmer weather!

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