Growing up, I never had anyone to REALLY show me how to wear make-up.  My mom and older sister hardly used the stuff (and I actually have showed them how to use a few things).  I would go and buy my own products and hope it looked ok.

My friend, Kristin, taught me how to pluck my eyebrows, and 17 magazine taught me how to achieve a “natural” look.  With blue eye shadow.  I always feared mascara, because I thought it would run or smear and I would look like a raccoon.

Then, I had a summer internship in Chicago.  My roommate had all sorts of fun make-up.  She taught me how to use different shadows and bronzer, and she LOVED mascara.  Before moving back to Iowa that year, she had me hooked on all sorts of new make-up, like customized foundation (and coach bags).

While I still like to splurge now and then, I still like a mostly neutral look, while making my eyes pop a bit.  I usually use a drug store BB cream, followed by physician formula powder (great for my sensitive skin), and blush.  I like pink and tan shadows for my eyes, and finish it off with mascara.


I am sure you have all been invited to a Younique party or 2 on facebook, but I had never tried it before my friend Allison asked me to give it a shot.  When I first received it, I was extremely impressed with how it looked.  It comes in a pretty little case with easy to follow directions.


I started by putting the transplanting gel on my eyelashes (one eye at a time), and followed up with the natural fibers, and another layer of the gel.  And WOW.

Without looking in a mirror, I could see my eyelashes.  They were that long!  I felt like I had on glamorous fake eyelashes, but it was all me.  I love how simple changes in your make-up routine can make such a difference!

PicMonkey Collage

If you are interested in hosting your own online party and scoring some awesome hostess rewards, you can contact Allison at or visit her on facebook!

The lovely Allison also has a great offer for YOU for the month of April.  If you purchase the April Kudos, she will send you a eyeliner for free!  If you have not tried out Younique, I highly recommend it.  It is officially my favorite new mascara.

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