Tomorrow, I am taking a personal day.  After a crazy hectic week, I am looking forward to having a low-key day.  And by low-key, I mean I am going to get up, take HJ to school, go for a run, mow the yard, go to HJ’s school for lunch, get things ready for a party next week, take the dog on a walk, take library books back,  run to the store, possibly paint a thing I recently found and go to HJ’s school carnival.  But at least I am not trying to do all of that AND working 8 hours, right?

And that thing I found that I want to paint?  This large metal container.


It was in my grandparent’s basement and apparently contained biscuits at some point.  I think it would be cute painted and made into a planter for the front porch.  What color should I go with?  Or is this some priceless antique I am thinking of ruining?

My sister’s family recently got a new puppy.  I got to meet him this past weekend, and I completely wanted to stash the little snuggle bug in my purse.

IMG_4120 (1)

HJ decided this week that t-ball is boring.  I would be lying if I said I disagree.  I mean, it’s so slow-paced.  And on top of that, he sits in the dug out most the time.  Then, when they take the field, there is no one who can really catch.  Or throw.  So, I see where he is coming from.  I am sure it is more fun as the kids understand more.  I hope.

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There is nothing single about being a single mom…

However, the thing with being a single mom is that it is hard to fit in.

I have my friends with kids….who are also married.  When we get together, it is always kid friendly stuff.  And I am always the only non-married one.

I have my single friends…who are kid-less.  They text me that they are going out on a Friday or hitting up happy hour after work.  And I am like, “Cool, can Harrison come?”.

Heck, I even have single mom friends.  But I am the only one I know who is a single mom I know that has sole-custody.  My single mom friends have a day or two a week, or every other weekend where they can go out and even *gasp* date!

The point I am getting at is that it is hard to fill like I fit in anywhere.  I feel like the odd ball out in all social situations.  I feel like it has been hard to find a group I belong to, and it can be pretty lonely.

If it weren’t for work, I could end up not having an adult conversation for days.  I have tried getting involved in different activities, but still feel like an outsider.  It’s hard to fit in when you have such a different lifestyle.

Last week, the weather was perfect.  Sunny, and in the seventies.  Of course a cold front comes through, and that is when HJ starts tee-ball.  (I also just verified on Wikipedia that it can be spelled t-ball, teeball or tee-ball.)


It is the first year he has been old enough to do it (in our neighboring city, he is still too young for Cedar Falls).  He loves playing tee-ball in our yard and I was excited for him to try it out with a bunch of kids.

Cue the 50 degree and super windy weather…

HJ is officially a Cardinal.  To which he responded, “Ugh, the Cardinals are the worst team ever!  I want to be a Cub.  The cubs are the best.  And cubs are cute.”.

And his proud mama said, “You are absolutely correct, but for kids teams the Cardinals are ok.”

Watching 5 year olds play tee-ball is hilarious.  Like when the coach says 18 times that not everyone needs to run for the ball when it gets hit, and somehow they all end up in a giant pile wrestling for the ball.  Every time.  Or when he says “Run to first!” and your son insists on putting the bat back where he found it, runs part way to first before stopping to chat to a friend from school, and eventually makes it to first.

They actually have games in a few weeks, which I have a feeling will be even more hilarious.  Twice the kids trying to focus and play a game that they aren’t totally sure what the rules are.  It’s like herding cats.

I really liked when the coach yelled, “GROUND BALL!” or “FOUL BALL!” and half the kids are kicking the dirt, while the other half are spinning in circles.  Maybe one or two looked up to give him a blank stare.

Now, I only hope that next week brings warmer weather!


1. HJ is adorable.  But you all know that.  I love when he says silly things without realizing it.  For example, he calls exclamation points “eskimo points”.  I haven’t corrected him yet, because I love him being little at times.

2. Today I randomly told a co-worker about a doll from my childhood, Lady Lovely Locks.  I swear my sister and I are the only ones who know about this doll.  I distinctly remember a road trip with her in tow.  A family friend had a boy about my age who just adored Lady Lovely Locks and her beautiful hair.  He is now a hair stylist, so I like to think I helped him find his calling.

3.Spring weather is amazing.  After being holed up in the house all winter, these beautiful warm days are really helping brighten my mood.  I love seeing HJ run around with the neighbor kids, and see how much fun he is having.  We even planted a blueberry bush, with hopes it won’t be eaten in a few weeks like our last one.

4.Have you guys seen the video where the couple doesn’t tell anyone they are pregnant with twins, and then they surpise everyone?  It is so cute.  Not gonna lie, it made me tear up.

5.I don’t know what it is lately, but I have really been missing Des Moines.  I feel like I would be much farther in my career if I had stayed there, and it is hard to struggle with it here.


I know, I’ve been slacking in the posting department lately.  I apologize.  Here’s the thing…well, there’s a few things actually.  My life isn’t that interesting.  I don’t know how many times I can post “I woke up, went to work, worked out, played with HJ, went to bed”.  And, it’s been nice on the weekends.

In the winter, I would write a few posts on the weekends because we were sitting inside being lazy.  Unlike now.

This past Saturday, we woke up and went to the gym, then grocery shopping.  We came home to neighbor kids playing outside, and HJ joined in while I spent the next 2 hours cleaning up the yard (and planting a blueberry bush we picked up at Aldi’s).  Then I made lunch for 4 kids (2 vegetarians), and sprayed stuff outside to keep spiders away.  I finally thought I should shower for the day and get the house all cleaned up and managed to get 3 loads of laundry done.  Then I met a friend out for her birthday dinner.  It was at this point I realized I had not sat down all day.  My feet hurt from standing all flipping day and I decided to wear heels.  Needless to say, I was more than ready for bed at 10pm when I picked HJ up from the neighbors.

Captain SillyPants Logo

When HJ was a baby, he insisted on being swaddled to sleep.  If an arm or leg came loose, he would instantly wake up.  I had to master the “baby burrito” if I wanted any shot at getting sleep.  The worst part was, he quickly outgrew his swaddle blankets.


Oh, how I wish I knew about Captain SillyPants back then.  Luckily, I know lots of little precious ones getting ready to make their appearance!

So, get ready to wrap your new little ones in the most adorable, modern designs and the softest fabric around.  Captain SillyPants Swaddles help your baby make the transition from womb to world, with a sense of safety, comfort…and style.

Captain SillyPants (11)

The swaddles are 100% Organic Cotton that only get softer with each wash.  They come as an oversized swaddle, 48×48 inches.

Offered exclusively at Eleventh Avenue, you can now pre-order YOUR favorite designs as singles or in sets, at the limited pre-order price of only $9.99 and $18.99 (retail at $19.99 and $34.99).  Limited quantities are available at this price, so don’t wait to place an order!

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January: Budget

February: Hallway

March: Break


Alright April, I have been putting this off for way to long.  My resolution for the month is to eat healthy.  I have started to use Fitness Pal again to track my calories.  I am not buying anything I can overindulge with (chips, cookies, etc.).

Last year, I started off my resolutions with this.  I did good until about August-ish, and it all went to hell.  And I gained all 20 pounds back.  I feel disgusting, and hate seeing myself in a mirror (don’t even get me started on pictures).

Besides appearances, I know that my family has cholesterol issues, so I really need to eat healthy so I can BE healthy.  I need to remember it is not just about losing weight, and is to be healthy.


Growing up, I never had anyone to REALLY show me how to wear make-up.  My mom and older sister hardly used the stuff (and I actually have showed them how to use a few things).  I would go and buy my own products and hope it looked ok.

My friend, Kristin, taught me how to pluck my eyebrows, and 17 magazine taught me how to achieve a “natural” look.  With blue eye shadow.  I always feared mascara, because I thought it would run or smear and I would look like a raccoon.

Then, I had a summer internship in Chicago.  My roommate had all sorts of fun make-up.  She taught me how to use different shadows and bronzer, and she LOVED mascara.  Before moving back to Iowa that year, she had me hooked on all sorts of new make-up, like customized foundation (and coach bags).

While I still like to splurge now and then, I still like a mostly neutral look, while making my eyes pop a bit.  I usually use a drug store BB cream, followed by physician formula powder (great for my sensitive skin), and blush.  I like pink and tan shadows for my eyes, and finish it off with mascara.


I am sure you have all been invited to a Younique party or 2 on facebook, but I had never tried it before my friend Allison asked me to give it a shot.  When I first received it, I was extremely impressed with how it looked.  It comes in a pretty little case with easy to follow directions.


I started by putting the transplanting gel on my eyelashes (one eye at a time), and followed up with the natural fibers, and another layer of the gel.  And WOW.

Without looking in a mirror, I could see my eyelashes.  They were that long!  I felt like I had on glamorous fake eyelashes, but it was all me.  I love how simple changes in your make-up routine can make such a difference!

PicMonkey Collage

If you are interested in hosting your own online party and scoring some awesome hostess rewards, you can contact Allison at or visit her on facebook!

The lovely Allison also has a great offer for YOU for the month of April.  If you purchase the April Kudos, she will send you a eyeliner for free!  If you have not tried out Younique, I highly recommend it.  It is officially my favorite new mascara.