Something about spring weather always makes me want to start a few craft projects.  Mostly, because I paint in my yard.

I found this mirror on a local swap sheet, and instantly claimed it.  I have been wanting a full length mirror, and for $8, it was a steal.  However, the color of the wood was not my favorite.


This led to HJ and me taking advantage of nice weather and painting it in the front yard.  When we first started painting, I asked my neighbor why I never see other people painting things.  Clearly, I am the only one to know that painting in the front yard is the best place to do it.

Plus, when you spill, it’s in the grass.

Although, if you leave the lid of the paint out, the dog is likely to walk through it and then parade through the house (luckily, I caught him in the mud room before he got to the carpet).

I chose the same grey color I used to paint my nightstands last spring.  Mainly because I have a lot of it, and didn’t want to buy a new color.  The mirror was easy to take apart, and allowed HJ and me to both work on different sections.


I love that HJ is old enough to officially help with these projects, and he said he felt like a real artist.  We left it in the garage to dry over night, and then put it back together for its new home.


One Thought on “Mirror Makeover

  1. southernbeautyguide on March 31, 2015 at 3:49 pm said:

    This mirror looks amazing! I wish I was able to think of doing stuff like this! That is one amazing transformation!

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