Some of you have been reading along with me for 4 years.  4 flipping years!  That is a long time.  Most blogs don’t survive beyond a year.  People get burnt out.  It is something you need to carve time for, even more if you try to make money off of it.

My first year or so, I posted whenever the mood struck me.  Writing posts was a great way for me to work through some crazy emotions I was dealing with.

Then I took hints from blogs I liked.  Have a schedule.  Some blogs have a post go live every morning at 9am.  I knew that working full-time, for me, that would not be feasible.  So I settled for two posts a week.  That way I wasn’t stressed searching for things to write, and I wasn’t driving myself crazy trying to do too much.  And, lets face it, my life is not interesting enough for a daily post.

After about 2 years, I was having sponsored content on a regular basis.  I underwent a name change from Single Mama Life to A Slice of Mudpie.  I made things more organized.  I applied for different communities.

Receiving the sponsored content took time.  You had to write creative applications, and have beautifully prepared content ready to go.

But I know, that lots of readers tend to disappear if the content is irrelevant.  I made sure to still have two posts a week, and then added in a third so I could have a weekly “sponsored post”.

There were times I felt overwhelmed with the posts, and felt like I wasn’t able to do my best on my other posts.  The posts that I loved writing.

So, I stepped back from sponsored posts a bit.  I only applied for ones that I truly thought sounded fun.  And made sure I thought my readers would enjoy it too (hint: I love things dealing with fashion, reading, kids and health…not in that order of course).

I still kept my 3 posts a week, but had maybe only 1 or 2 sponsored posts a month.  This past month, I got to thinking a lot about my blog.  My renewal came up, and that costs money.  Last year, I earned enough on the blog to cover the costs.  But I worry about making an investment if I can’t devote time to help cover those costs.  But I love blogging.  And I like sponsored content…in moderation.

I decided, I will go back to 2 posts a week, unless I happen to have sponsored posts.  Then it will be 3.  I also decided to get more involved in the blogging community, like I once was.

Other bloggers, do you have any communities you have loved working with?

4 Thoughts on “4 Years of Blogging

  1. Oh man, I’ve been so lazy with blogging this winter. Need to get back to it someday!

  2. I’ve never written my blog posts for money or even tried to create a blogging site on Facebook, etc. For me, blogging is an outlet for putting my thoughts into words, which helps relieve stress. It is also a way of connecting with others-some are from similar backgrounds, like you, others are from the complete opposite walk of life. In writing an reading blogs I find an extra amount of joy where I otherwise might have none, so money or not, it is worth it. 🙂 I enjoy the different types of posts you write, and in all honestly, I enjoy the non-sponsored posts the most! 🙂 XOXO-Kasey

  3. I don’t make any money so I’m probably not the best. I have started doing a few campaigns with Linquia which has gotten me a few PayPal transactions, but for now I continue to spend more than I make. Maybe someday that will change, for now I’m okay with it.

  4. It’s a long time Kristin – CONGRATS HUN! I myself have gone through a similar journey, but I’m finally starting to feel the benefits of my hard work. Blogging is a weird thing really isn’t it some days I freak out about how much of our life I share with complete strangers, or the fact that I hardly get comments on my posts that took me hours to prepare, at the end of the day I guess you just need to look at exactly what blogging means to you and then make a decision. I took a huge break when my dad died, and over that two months I realised that I missed the writing.

    If the cost is worrying you, switch to a self hosted wordpress blog. Then you only have to pay for the address.

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