It is almost time for me to renew this lovely little space of mine, and I ran into a slight issue.  For you bloggers out there…my blog is on wordpress, hosted thru bluehost, but my domain is thru another company.  Bluehost told me I need my EPP address, and to contact the domain company.  The domain company told me to contact wordpress, wordpress sent me to bluehost.  I am getting a little worried about straightening this all out before my whole blog vanishes!  Anyone know where I can find my EPP address??!!

HJ had his conferences tonight.  And I’m gonna brag for a minute.  I am so proud of my boy.  His teacher said that he is so kind, such a great helper, sweet and has learned so much.  He is already past the goals for the year.  He is a great role model with the special needs classroom.  He loves helping his teacher, and she thinks he is such a “love”.  I almost cried when another teacher came in to tell me how much she loves my son.  Maybe I am doing some of this parenting stuff right?

This past weekend, our local library had a book sale.  They provided a bag for you to fill, and the bag of books cost $4.  There were WAY more books than I expected, and I learned that people come prepared.  Many people had duffel bags on wheels, and lists of authors to look for.  I still feel like we scored, and came home with 21 books.  For $4.

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This past summer, I hurt my leg/foot running pretty bad.  I slowly eased my way back into running, and finally got back to 3 mile runs.  And then I hurt my leg again.  After spending the past week with a swollen foot, I have determined running just might not be in the cards for me.  I wish I could do it, I had even started the Couch to 10K program.  But every time I get hurt, it is another month before I can even work out again.  I am feeling frustrated with my work outs, and need to find a new cardio activity.

With all this cold weather, I have started to go stir crazy.  I am in need of a night out.  With adults.  ASAP.

3 Thoughts on “Thursday Night Ramblings

  1. What a bummer about your foot!!! I agree its time to find a different workout as that’s just not healthy/safe, although still a bummer. And the $4 for books sounds awesome!!

  2. Come to Des Moines! I’m sure we could get some girls rounded up for a night out!

    • on March 1, 2015 at 11:13 am said:

      Des Moines is fun! My problem is finding someone to take HJ while I go out:)

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