Continuing with my hallway makeover!  I started by painting thick stripes on the wall.  I knew I wanted to still have some pictures up, so I scanned pinterest for ideas.

Between the hallway wall and the door frames, it is pretty narrow.  This made shelves out of the question.  Then, I came across picture frame ledges on pinterest, and thought they might work.   There were many posts on these, with the ledges ranging from 1 foot to 8 feet.  My wall is just over 3 feet, so that is what I went with.  Also, knowing how narrow my area was, I adjusted the size of wood I bought.

I ended up getting 4 pieces of 1×3, cut down to 36″ and 2 1×2 cut down to 36″ inches.  Also, if you really want to annoy the workers at the Cedar Falls Menards, ask them to cut it down.  The wood I got was 6 feet long, I figured getting it cut in half would be easy.  The first guy I asked said, “I dunno, you’ll have to find someone else”  Thanks.

The second guy said, “I guess I can, but I need a saw”.  No shit, Sherlock.  He did find a handsaw.  And proceeded to cut it on top of a counter with it moving all over.  I was thinking about what I was going to do when he sliced his hand off, as his co-worker was laughing and telling him he was dumb for using a handsaw.

Then he told me he had to charge me $2 ($1/piece).  After he cut it.  Lowe’s and Home Depot do it for free, for the record.

Anyway…back at home.

I used wood glue to piece the shelves together.  Once that dried, I used finishing nails to hold it secure (why yes, I did just learn what finishing nails are).  Then, I sanded it down.  I used a white paint/primer in one spray, and did a couple of coats.  I attached it to the wall with anchors and screws.

pic frame ledge

I am not 100% sold on how it is currently arranged, but it is easy to move around.  I had a lovely friend even draw a picture of how to arrange it, but I still need a few things to complete that look.


Originally, I had wanted a canvas on each shelf, but it looked a bit full.  What look are you liking the best?  Do you think I should paint some of the frames a different color or leave them white?

Here is the hallway progress so far:


One Thought on “Picture Frame Ledges

  1. That is so adorable, love that idea. Looks so easy to do too! I def think that the large canvases make it look crowded, the bottom with the smaller frames looks better!

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