My goal for February is to have a hallway that doesn’t drive me crazy.  When I was thinking of ideas, I kept coming back to wide stripes.  The wall is already painted a tan, so I thought a crisp white would look good next to it.

I looked to pinterest to find the best ways to paint stripes, and borrowed tips from a pin I found.

I started by measuring floor to ceiling, and included the baseboard in the measurement.  I knew I wanted 7 stripes, so I divided that by the measurement.  It came out to around 13.53 per stripe…and of course it had to be a non-even number.  Then, I used my laser level to start taping the lines.

I knew I wanted white at the top and bottom, that way I could use the baseboard as part of the lowest stripe.  When taping, make sure you tape on the inside of the stripe you won’t be painting.  And to make sure I wouldn’t accidentally paint the wrong stripe, I made a line through it with tape.

IMG_5874 (2)

The taping is tedious, and took about 45 minutes for that little wall.  After it was all taped, I re-measured to make sure the stripes were even.

Then, it was time to paint.  Once I had the paint ready, it only took about 5 minutes to paint the stripes…with HJ’s help.  One tip I am glad I read, was to make sure to pull the tape off towards the wet paint.  This helps to keep the lines straight with no bleeding.

IMG_5876 (2)

I think the stripes turned out great, and I am surprised at how much shorter it makes my hallway appear, I was not expecting that.  But, I do love how it looks and cant wait for the next steps in my hallway makeover.

3 Thoughts on “Painting Stripes

  1. Looks great! I’m going to be painting stripes this week I think now 🙂

  2. I fell it would of looked better if the colored paint started at the bottom above the white trim and ended on the top next to the white roof.but it did come out nice.

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