My resolution for the month was to get on a budget and start getting out of debt.  I understand this can not be done in a month, but I really needed a jump-start to get me motivated.  I loved getting all of your tips on how to save money, and feel that I REALLY put forth a good effort this month.

My favorite tip was Aldi’s…we have been getting amazing deals on produce there!

I tracked all of my debt, and have started the snowball method for starting to pay it off.  Seeing all of the numbers in front of me was overwhelming, but I know tackling it with this method will allow me to see the best results.

Using cash has worked, for the most part.  Every weekend, I would head to an ATM and take cash out for the sitters, and for my weekly envelope.  This worked great every week except for the week that my mortgage was due.  I didn’t have enough to pay the mortgage and take that cash out.  In February, I am going to take out a week in advance when the mortgage is due.  Hopefully that will help.

I did go over my $60 weekly allowance a few times.  Twice was eating out (both around $12), and once was taking HJ to a soccer game with a friend and her kid.  The hockey game was definitely the biggest splurge.  I even let him get ice cream there, and I may have had a drink.  But the difference in this splurge was, I planned for it.  I knew I had that money available.  And, yes, it probably should have gone towards debt, but we had done so well all month that I really wanted to get out of the house.

Best part?  Nothing was put on a credit card this month.

This was the first month in a very long time that I did not overdraw my accounts at all.  That is a HUGE step for me.  I am hoping this momentum stays strong.  I am really excited to get some tax money back and get a big chunk of the debt paid off.

So January was a success, but is also a work in progress!


3 Thoughts on “Resolution Recap: January

  1. Not putting anything on the credit card is amazing!!! I would be celebrating that for sure!!

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