Did you hear the amazing news?  New Kids on the Block are going on tour this summer.  I love New Kids.  My older sis had all the tapes, and I still know *most* of the words to the songs.  When I lived in Des Moines, they had a concert there.  I had eagerly purchased tickets with a  group of friends, however I soon learned I was pregnant.  I ended up selling the ticket to save money, and never saw them.  Tear.

Now if only Salt n’ Pepa would go back on tour.

I think I actually still have that cd, I need to find it.  I see a serious dance party in my future.

HJ thought he had the funniest joke yesterday.  He blurted out, “my booty has a crack in it!”.

My budget has been going ok so far this month.  The good news is, no overdraft charges!  I can’t even think of the last time that has happened.

We also finally shopped at Aldi’s.  I was worried about the quality, but have been really impressed.  The oatmeal I bought tastes fine, HJ loves the fruit snacks, and the produce was awesome.  I also got a bag of lime flavored tortilla chips, and they are amazing.  My total bill was under $40, but I did have to swing by Target to grab a few things that Aldi’s did not have.

We have also been heading to the library on the weekends to rent a few movies.  So far, we have always found something HJ has wanted to see.

I am trying to find plans for HJ for the summer.  I feel as if he has outgrown his in-home for full-time care, but all the facilities I have called have at least a 2 year wait-list (which is absurd, apparently if you plan on having kids in the next 3 years, you should start looking now!).

I am getting excited about my February goal/resolution, can’t wait to share it with all of you!

5 Thoughts on “Thursday Night Ramblings

  1. I wish you lived in Kentucky. I am the Technical Assistance Coordinator for all the in home and licensed child care centers in 13 counties. I would totally get you moved up on the wait lists. I wanted to see NKOTB and never got to.

  2. So so crazy that there’s a two year wait list! I wasn’t as into NKOTB as I was into Ace of Base! My older cousins and I would choreograph dances to all their songs, complete with our own solos.

  3. A two year wait list is crazy!! Have you looked into summer camps? My son goes to preschool and childcare at our local YMCA during the school year, and they offer a summer camp program (he will be going to “camp” at the YMCA facility, but there is a more traditional summer camp at a nearby lake the YMCA operates for kids age 6 and up), and summer camp registration just opened last week. We live in NH, so obviously that doesn’t help you, but maybe your local YMCA or Boys and Girld Club has something similar? As an added bonus the Y offers private financial assistance to those who qualify to help offset some of the cost of childcare, I’m also a single mother and it’s been a life saver for me getting a slightly discounted rate. Good luck!!!

    • sliceofmudpie@gmail.com on January 27, 2015 at 8:08 pm said:

      I will have to look at the Y! I know most of the day camps locally start after kindergarten, so we should be set for next year! I will have to see if the Y offers it for younger children though. Thanks for the tip :).

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