IMG_3225 (1)HJ and Ty have been the best of buds lately.  Ty even is choosing HJ’s bed to sleep in, and I find them both laying sideways and snuggling.

In an effort to save a few cents, the last time I went grocery shopping I purchased the store brand coffee.  I have done this at Target with no issues, but apparently hy-vee store brand is a different story.  It is nasty.  It even smells horrible.  Now I feel like I have to choke it down so I am not wasteful.  Not worth the 50 cent savings.

Remember this past summer when I had my foot injury?  Yeah, I think it is happening to my other foot now.  I was finally getting back into running too.  Last night, I kept waking up because my foot was throbbing…which is exactly how it started last time.  I am starting to think I shouldn’t be running.

The cold weather has my skin extremely dry.  Last winter, I fell in love with a Sea Salt and Sugar Body Scrub from the Honest Company.  Really helps the dry, winter skin.

Speaking of winter…we are currently under a blizzard warning.  That sent HJ into a slight panic because he thought it was the same thing as a tornado.  I was able to clear it up quickly.

One thing I wasn’t able to clear up, he asked me how night turns to day.  I tried explain the earth spinning and rotating and he looked at me like I had 3 heads.  So I ended with, the sun needs to rest just like you!

I made these banana muffins the other day.  They were delicious.  Might be my new go-to recipe.  I was worried I wouldn’t like them because of the Greek yogurt, but yum.

I am going to update you all on my budget progress next week.  So far so good, but it has also been snowy and below zero all week…definitely didn’t want to leave the house!

4 Thoughts on “Thursday Night Ramblings

  1. Lindsey Schuler on January 8, 2015 at 7:35 pm said:

    That body scrub sounds like something I might need to invest in, but my skin is really sensitive… I only use Dove bar soap. Worth a shot! I’m also trying to watch my spending… so far, so good, but I agree – who wants to leave the house to go shopping when it’s below 0 and blizzard conditions?! Hopefully we both stick to spending less!

  2. Alison on January 9, 2015 at 7:19 am said:

    Most store brands have a guarantee and you should definitely be able to get your $ back with no hassle. This is coming from someone who returns produce if it doesn’t meet expectations. 🙂

  3. My first question….when and where did you buy your running shoes? If it was a dedicated running store, you should go in and explain whats going on. If it wasn’t….you should get to a dedicated running store and get them to properly fit you. And bring your current shoes so they know what you’ve been wearing…. (that’s assuming you still want to run regularly, there is no shame in deciding running isn’t for you, there are so many other ways to be active!)

    Second, poor HJ and the blizzard vs tornado! How scary!

    Last, life is too short for bad coffee. I’ll buy more expensive coffee that’s made at home since its cheaper than caribou.

    • on January 10, 2015 at 12:03 pm said:

      I did go to a running store, but they are getting older. When I hurt my foot/leg this past summer, my doctor thought it was muscle strain on my calf. I am hoping that it heals quickly!
      I splurged today for coffee, bought a “real” brand. I rarely go out for coffee, I prefer it at home!

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