In 2014, I began A Year of Resolutions.  The idea was that I had a new resolution for each month, and would hopefully stick to the previous resolutions as the year went on.

A few things happened:

-That’s a hella lot of resolutions

-I did really good at first, and became burned out

-Some of my goals were dumb

Overall though, I liked it.  I felt like each month was a new page, and I was able to start fresh.  For 2015, I have edited things a bit.  I will have a monthly goal, however on the third month I will have a “refresh” month.  That will allow me to focus on both goals at the same time.  This way I will be able to finish up things I was unable to finish, and really try to make the resolutions turn into habits.  To break it up…

January: Goal 1

February: Goal 2

March: Focus on goal 1 and 2

April: Goal 3

May: Goal 4

June: Focus

July: Goal 5

August: Goal 6

September: Focus

October: Goal 7

November: Goal 8

December:: Focus

Seems manageable, right?

I also plan on making my goal plan in advance.  This way I know what I have moving forward, and can also make sure to split up the more difficult months.

Have any of you tried doing monthly goals?  What advice do you have on sticking to it?  I started burning out around July/August, but before that I really thought I accomplished a lot!

4 Thoughts on “A Year of Resolutions: 2015

  1. My working out and healthy eating goals always tend to falter in July/August, so now I try to either have short fun races in those months, or have a big race in June and then again at the end of September/October, so that I can take July/August relatively easy.

  2. I could not imagine doing this. I have very basic ongoing goals, and they are to stay on budget, keep working down my debt, and to focus on what is going RIGHT verses what may be going wrong in my life at any given moment. I also use a dry erase board on which I write down each week’s tasks to help me stay on target as well as to put monthly things I need to get done. When I finish something, I erase it off the board. But, I think you have the right idea about keeping the goals realistic and achieveable, and I like the idea of having a “focus” month to catch up or re-group as you need to. Good luck!! XOXO-Kasey

    • sliceofmudpie@gmail.com on January 3, 2015 at 7:22 pm said:

      I like the dry erase board idea! Some of them will be goals rather than resolutions (like finish photo book , etc.)

  3. that sounds like a great plan!!!
    for me, I always feel like life is slipping away without really embracing it. time just moves too fast! but really, we do, so it helps that I take so many pics and blog to relive all the memories of really living life!

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