All the Christmas decorations are down.  The gifts have found homes.  The wrapping paper was been thrown out and HJ is already working on his list for next year.

cmas colla

We kicked off Christmas week with dinner at my parents on Tuesday night.  The kids had fun ripping into presents and running around the house.  The next morning was spent at my grandparent’s house.  All of the great-grandkids ran around anticipating opening gifts and playing outside (In Iowa, in December!).  We also had the official duck raffle, and another year has gone by that it does not have to be displayed at our house. *It is a hideously wood carved duck dressed like an angel that I gave my grandpa as a gift years ago.  Each year, everyone gets a ticket and it is raffled off.  The winning family has to have it on display all year….my mom won this year.

That night, HJ and I read The Night Before Christmas and put cookies out for Santa.

The next morning, HJ ripped into his new gifts.  He was so excited with each and everyone.  Even the dog received a bone in his stocking, and ate it all immediately.


Christmas is always my favorite time of the year.  I love the cozy decorations, family time and generosity of the communities.  I hope you all had a blessed Christmas!

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  1. I love the duck tradition!!

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