Now that winter is upon us, I have to find ways to keep HJ entertained while being cooped up indoors.  I like to come up with fun, new activated for us to do that keep us away from the TV.

This past week, we made moon sand.


We took flour and baby oil, and mixed it up (take about 4 cups flour to 1/2 cup baby oil).  If the sand isn’t molding well, add more baby oil.  If the sand feels oily, add more flour.  We made about a triple batch, threw it in the water table and played in the kitchen (I did put a sheet down first).  HJ had a blast racing his trucks around and building hills.  Plus, it smells good.

When we were done playing, I threw it in a  Tupperware container, and ran a vacuum over the tiled floor.


I have a feeling this activity will be going on many times throughout this winter!


2 Thoughts on “Homemade Moon Sand

  1. Awesome!! i don’t have any kiddos to play with me, but if I get a chance I’ll be mixing this up!

  2. I had no idea it was that easy to make! May have to try this with my niece and nephew over the holidays, love it!

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