Pinterest always helps me find great, new recipes.  I usually try and research to see what ones have the best comments, that way I know they will be winners (after I experienced a few fails).  The other day, I was in the grocery store and decided it was perfect weather out for chili.  Only, I am not a HUGE fan because of the beans, I didn’t want spicy so HJ would like it, and I wanted to use the crockpot to make it simple.

Luckily, I came across this recipe.  I loved that most of the ingredients were canned, I only had to brown the meat (I also threw in some chopped onion).  While working in restaurants, I learned the key to great chili is using condensed tomato soup as a base, which this recipe had.  In addition, it called for a can of creamed corn.  I figured this would add some flavor and HJ loves corn.

And it is officially my go-to chili.  It was wonderful.  With my small family, I was even able to throw half of it in the freezer, which means dinner is already ready for another time.

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