Our house is officially decked out for Christmas.  Which led to me trying out our first holiday craft, reindeer art.  It was not only easy, but free!  I already had everything I needed:).

For supplies, I had an old canvas, white and grey paint, and white contact paper.  I started by looking at reindeer silhouettes on pinterest.  Once I figured out the look I was going for, I pulled out some scratch paper.  I drew a deer with antlers, but only liked one side of it.  So I cut it in half, flipped it over and traced a mirror image.  I then cut the drawing out, and used that as a stencil to draw it onto the contact paper.  I cut the silhouette out of the contact paper and set it to the side.

The canvas I used had a picture painted on it, so I first painted the canvas white.  Once that dried, I put the silhouette onto the canvas.  I made sure the contact paper was stuck down really good to avoid bleeding, and then painted over the entire canvas with the grey paint.  I added 2 coats of the paint, and let it dry a bit.  Then, I peeled the contact paper off and was left with a white deer silhouette.


The entire project was simple, and I think it helps make the kitchen look a little more Christmas-y!

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